Remove Auto J-Out in Naval RB's planes.

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(This post is a complete Repost of this thread in the Old Forum)

Problem: Automatic J-out of aircraft in Naval RB makes the flight experience unfavorable.

Background: I’ve been told that the auto J-out of critically damaged airplanes was used to balance out air power during ground RB matches. I do not believe this to be an issue in Naval as bluewater fleet often comes in various array of AA armaments that can critically damage planes. In more than one occation, I managed to survive with half a wing missing or a fire and believe that with enough luck or finesse, I can manage my way back to the airfield for much needed repair but instead got denied by the auto J-out. This makes the feelings of surving an engagement much less rewarding.

That said, I do acknowledge that this feature would be an issue with lower BR matches among coastal fleets as planes would certainly be overwhelingly powerful in those arena; though perhaps it can be compensated by those BR being occupied by comparatively weaker biplanes and WW1 bombers.

Solution: Remove auto J-out from Naval RB and imitate Air RB death conditions.

Conclusion: It is my hope that making planes able to survive critical damage and limp back to airfield is a good motivation for air players to perform more than a banzai ram into their enemies because they are gonna die anyway. This will also be rewarding for bomber players who managed to survive the AA during their run.


tbh a dedicated mission PvE mode would also be an ideal addition, rip the current shit fest and replace it with a mission mode. issue s that post is still on pending… there’s no classified documents in there.


I would guess this mechanic was added to prevent suicidal dive bombings, where the attacker would release the bombs in the last second, to be more accurate, while the plane is often missing most of its wings and is on fire.


Apparently if that was the aim, they totally missed it.