Remove all "auto flap management" from all aircraft, it ruins dogfights

all i want is to use my god damn flaps to brake or turn tighter at high speed with some timing. STOP this “auto flap” bs, i can’t slow down or turn. There is already an option called “auto flap management” but lately it doesn’t matter if you turn it off. Most aircraft will fold their flaps in and refuse to pop a single degree the moment you exceed the landing flap rip speeds.

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Why are you deploying flaps beyond their limitations?

Might be in AB, flaps dont have those limits there.

to pull harder??? you use flap tap at high speed to tighten your turn without breaking them.

You lower your speed to open your flaps and then you turn. Cause unsure you understand how physics work but faster you go, more the harder it is to turn.


And you’re able to deploy them without breaking them? The limitations are tied directly to the flap rip speed, so there is next to no functional difference.


Does any one else here pull 14+g’s in a prop plane when dog fighting or is it just me. This is my counter to mantis I never use my flaps until I hit 14g’s then I deploy the combat flaps to make it even tighter and greater.

You don’t? Flaps only increase your lift and your drag, the only reason to use them is to hang in a stall for longer. If you want to decompress at speed just airbrake/throttle down.
Turning tighter with flaps at optimal elevator speeds will only screw you over and bleed your energy out. You turning tighter is an illusion as you appear inside the turn circle but only because of your lower speed. If your fighting a smartie they’ll just go up in the turn and stall you out.

What game mode you play

There is limitation on modern aircraft only.

I’m pretty sure I saw in the last patch that it came to some late ww2 and Korean war planes

True,flaps for combat and take off/landing are different and not to be confused with airbrakes etc.We also have a million options.If the op is on console then flying is a nightmare.

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Yes but one can easily disable all automatic flap control in the instructor settings.
Basically either OP didn’t know or is ( more likely) a coping little bozo (sorry)

i disabled all flap auto management. But some planes like the n1k2j, f8f, f-5e, f4e and all 4th gens have automatic flap retraction and are airspeed restricted. Funny how you’ve been insulting me in every single of your clueless comments, but i am the one getting silenced and muted.

I suppose that’s a rare “my bad” moment then, sorry.
You can still manipulate it when taking off, effectively preventing automatic retraction.
Only cases where it tends to be beneficial is when you’re giga heavy. But that’s rare unless you really enjoy strike planes.

I suppose that’s a rare “my bad” moment then, sorry.

hypocrite. Your every response to me is “coping” and “average american main” so even despite it’s not cussing, it’s still laughing at me and insulting me. Insulting and laughing at others is undesirable in this forum.

You can still manipulate it when taking off, effectively preventing automatic retraction.Only cases where it tends to be beneficial is when you’re giga heavy. But that’s rare unless you really enjoy strike planes.

ultimate demonstration that you’re the clueless one. As so is most of the people in this thread. Flaps help you turn tighter or keep energy depending on the speed envelopes you’re flying at. For example on 190s takeoff flaps at 600 ias help you keep your energy and make you turn way tighter at 400ias and below. Same for slatted aircraft like the Mirage and the Phantom E.

The F-5E’s take off flaps are restricted, it can only deploy combat flaps which barely help you when you’re still on 20 minutes of fuel. The F-4E is even much worse restricted as it can’t deploy the first flap setting at any speeds below 400 ias. Phantoms are becoming even more brickier with the newer updates. Yes the old phantom was slower than mig21 at sea level, but at least it could slam it in a dogfight. Now it can’t even barely turn alongside the Tornado without getting slowly outrated.

True, literally 90% of your posts. A lot of them lack cohesion even

Surely I’ve said that lmao. Ive checked your service record card and I cannot recall one instance of me calling you that.

Ding ding ding correct!
What r u going to do about it?

Hey idk but at least I can say that I may as well be and sleep better and improve cuz of it lmao.
Instead of giga copage over in your posts.

Those “automated choices” have been made In-Real-Life.

Nothing that is unconventionnal,… if you do have a problem with Flaps being automatically retracted when getting higher speeds, then please use only aircrafts without such automation.