Removal of tanks from line up

Due to crew lock, constant uptiers with and OP russian tanks that are beyond realistic and reality i will be bringing less tanks for russian bias to feed on, removing all the lowiest BR’s in my line ups, in fact i might just stick to 1 tank and 1 CAS.
Russia enjoy your 1 tank kill wins, you wont be getting to many rewards from me.

Remember gluttony is a sin



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And dont forget crew lock as well, gaijin do you really think there is a need for more than 5 in a lineup to feed the greed

why do people believe that russian bias is a thing it’s truly wild


One of known coping mechanisms of WT players


Its true part of the food chain, being gaijin at the top someone has to be top dog and gaijin is not going to give it to a different nation other than his own, why does russia have 70% win rate out of 10 nations at the top tiers

It’s been declining since the release of the previous patch and the BVM has had a ~47% W/R for the past week

as of right now russia doesnt even have the highest win rate at top tier. Russia bias isnt a thing bro grow up, it’s just a case of people being unable to aim properly when fighting russia so they have to cry on the forums about how bad they are

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Another Russian bias thread goddamn.

What vehicle is it this time?


All of them except the one that is truly OP: ZiS-30

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have to resort to insults cos u know ur wrong lol

Who cares, your so mature your like a rotten potato 😀

Wont be long and gaijin will break something

point and case. you cant provide evidence of this supposed russian bias. it doesnt exist, get over it. just play the game and enjoy it dude

Not much of a rage quit. Work on that.

And you cant prove it dont

??? being unable to prove it exists just proves that it doesnt. As I said, just play the game, bullshit happens and it isn’t exclusive to playing against just russia

Watch the vid and all will be revealed

a youtuber talking about it doesnt prove much. the one issue people have with fighting russia is the fact they shoot the one spot on their tanks that is actually armoured, and the fuel tanks not blowing up tanks or their ammo not detonating happens on every tank, it is not something exclusive to russia. this game is full of bullshit, but people just happen to do worse when against russia cos they do not use their brain when fighting russia. I have no issues against them, people I play with have no issue. the game is bullshit, grow up and just keep playing.

If this russian bias existed, russia would not be sitting below a 50% win rate as of right now in top tier

You tell me if anything he says in the vid is not true