Removal of emergency landing repairs?

So, I’ve noticed recently that all of the emergency landings I’ve made have resulted in immediate death instead of repair. Did a belly landing on one of my planes just now. Plane itself was fine(Engine was screwed) no explosion or anything. I’ve noticed that this keeps happening. Before, we could make a landing on our belly and get a longer repair, but it’d at least still repair. Was this removed and I somehow missed it in the patch notes?

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I would need to see a video of what you’re doing, I haven’t had any problems with it.

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AFAIK it depends on the seriousness of the damage done during the landing itself - if you can land gently without doing a lot more damage then repairs work fine.

If you smack gown and rip the wings off while tumbling end over end then you’re toast.

Just where the line is depends on how much damage your aircraft already has.

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I landed a Spitfire the other day on my belly (no gear due to battle damage) repaired just fine. I think really servere damage, will result in no repair, essentially you crashed and not crash landed. but would have to see the replay to confirm. Might have also just bugged out. (also, might be a stupid question, but where you on the right runway? so maps have a few dummy runways)

Weird. Recently I lost a wing in a Fw-190 in Ground RB. The enemy got the kill, but I got no bailout timer, returned to base, landed on my belly and was able to repair.

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Same, I landed a LA-15 missing a wing after death, 1:30 repair on the field.

Meanwhile I lose my wing TIP and the game forces me to J out

Replay or it didn’t happen :)

That was years ago before they
A: Remove auto eject
B: added auto eject again

cough repair rank cough

Hmm… I flew a Chinese P-66 home the other day after losing both wings due to to overspeeding in a dive (yes, yes, I know!). Counted as kill, someone got the benefit, I got the “Press J to bail out”, but I was able to “control” the thing into a shallow dive that allowed me to reach the airfield, where I was able to repair.
The P-66 is Rank II and I only have repair rank I on that crew, so the repair took a whopping 3 minutes, but it did! And I was back in business.

So by my experience, a missing “repair rank” slows down repair, but does not prevent it

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No issues with belly landings at all… repairs are as always 👌🤙

Oh, if you wish to see proof:

Start at 5:45 in.

Wings are overrated…


(you can see that I am officially dead by the skull)


Waiting for repair crews to do something, twisting thumbs in the cockpit…

And finally ready to take off again!

I was dead, and here I am again, in an officially undead plane!

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