Removal of 4x250 kg bomb option for N1K2

I haven’t played WT seriously in a year and half. But after coming back to play, especially because of the event, I found out to my severe disappointment that the N1K2 no longer has 4x250 kg bombs? When and why did they remove this option? It is historical, and Japan has little CAS options at mid tier. What is Gaijin thinking?? Especially when USA and USSR have way better options?


I noticed it too, and found it half-odd.

From what I’ve read, the N1K2-J could carry only 2x250kg bombs. However, the N1K2-Ja was able to carry four of them. This was one of the stated improvements of the -Ja over the J. So its removal from the -J makes snese, but not from the -Ja.

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Probably an oversight. You’ve got a bug report!

Finding documents will be a bit harder

Apparently, I was wrong. It seems the outermost bomb racks could carry only 60 kg bombs. Whether this means that the N1K2-Ja could carry 2x250 AND 2x60 simultaneously, I have no clue