Reminder that Shop Levels are unlocked automatically without you pushing Get Reward button

What does this mean? If you have let’s say 3400 Warbond, you can buy it directly on level 80. Without going over the limit(3600) with your warbonds. Current UI isn’t clear whether you need to get 850 Warbond reward for level 6 shop or not. At least it wasn’t for me.

In the past, both in Reddit and here, I was trying to maximize warbond usage and always assumed I had to dump excess Warbond because we thought you needed to click get reward to unlock shop levels. It isn’t the case. You can get 2 tier 3 premium vehicles if you fully complete a battle pass or warbond saved from the last time.

Because in the past you needed to get the reward to unlock the shop level, which was nefarious design because you were forced to waste your warbonds in order to get items to spend warbonds on so if you had close to max already, you had to spend just as much as the reward you were getting.


I’ve got max warbonds and nothing that I can spend warbonds on (because I have no level).

How do you level up?

It’s called special tasks.
After you complete your daily tasks ( tab on the right side, selectable by game mode) you get a point. Those points are used to buy said special tasks which, once you collect enough medals from them, give you more things that become available to buy in the warbond shop. They also progress your BP by a decent bit so that’s cool.
That’s a quick run down, I believe an article exists on the wiki if you want a more detailed run down of it. )

As with most every single UI/UX element in this game, I usually attribute it to Hanlon’s Razor.

Look at the bottom of the warbond shop, hover over the different levels and it will tell you the requirements.

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Level up your Battlepass to unlock more in the Warbond Shop.

Do your 2 daily tasks (you start with a rank II, after you complete that you receive a rank III and above task), earn the option to purchase a special task for completing the rank III daily task. Go to the Warbond Shop, buy a special task, complete it. Special task completion will give you a medal for each completion. Rinse and repeat daily for best results.

Each Battle pass level is 10 points required. You will get some (1-3 depending on streak afaik) for daily logins, 2 for the rank II task, 3 for the Rank III task, and 5 for the special task.

I feel that’s just underestimating them, it’s pretty a lot of the things they do is psychology 101.

1-5, actually. Definitely one of the most important things to do for BP levels, especially as it takes essentially no effort/time.


Thanks for the correction, overall, I’m still pretty new myself to how everything works!

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So do you have to purchase the battle pass to progress?

Happy to help! The daily login changeover (tied to that daily popup) is at a fixed time, should be midnight UTC, so whatever that is in your time zone.

It’s also worth noting that if you miss days it cuts them off the end, not “where you are”, so even if you’re still in the 1-per-day near the beginning of the season, you’re actually losing 5 points.


Purchasing the BP or not has no effect on your ability to progress.

Well I just looked through the shop (for really the first time in my 12+ years playing this game) and there’s nothing for me that I want and and as far as i can tell I’ll never progress enough to buy anything anyway.

EXACTLY. I had to really micromanage because of those forced Warbond increase.

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