Reloading while barrel is broken

I would like to ask why isn’t is possible to load a shell into a breach when gun barrel is broken. I get that you can’t shoot while it is broken, but I cannot understand why you can’t load a shell and wait for the repair to finish. It would be more logical to just make you not able to shoot but why it has to be like you can reaload at all when breach isn’t damaged? Am I the only one who thought about this? I’m not any type of mechanical professional to understand everything. It just made me curious why and I would love to get an explanation.


Apparently it’s a 4+ year old bug. I remember watching a video years ago saying how it’s a bug

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4+ year bug still not fixed. I mean, if it was a cosmetics bug I wouldn’t mind, but when I have to wait 20 sec. for my barrel to be repaired and then wait another 10 sec. to reaload is kinda game breaking.

It would be logical if such a defect could not be repaired by the crew alone… but OK, it’s a game. So let’s take it down a level of realism and remember that no one should tamper with a loaded weapon.


If we would look at everything and think about how realistic it is, then 1/2 of tanks shouldn’t be at the BR they are now or shouldn’t even be in the game. Then 1/2 of planes would not have the secondary weapons that they have now. I think something basic like repairs shouldn’t be considered “realistic” cuz noone can repair breach, tracks, engine and barrel for 45 sec.

Think for a moment.
You are replacing the thing the round is going into and you would not put a live round into a weapon you are servicing.
While the repair times are… unrealistic. The effects tend to be.
Not a bug.


I mean… and what about it? It makes sence irl from safety views, but it is still possible to load the gun. Just make it that you can’t shoot the gun/or shoot and destroy ur own tank and let the repair be finished while you already reloaded. If we’re looking at the features in-game from realistic perspective for repairs or ammo and then unrealistic perspective like the fact that Japan doesn’t even have some jets that are in game for them or fake tanks (like the ho-ri) just because they don’t have any other options to fill that gap, then this game is piece of scrap. If you want to look at this from real perspective, then look at everything and don’t judge according what you like/dislike is real/unreal.

No you really can’t anymore than you can keep driving while fixing a track. You are just trying to game the game.

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Not being allowed to load a weapon which is both broken also actively being repaired is entirely reasonable.

Changing drive chains or engines/drive units has been one of the tasks of a tank crew in the field in most armies since the beginning. Of course, not within seconds, rather hours to minutes depending on the era and level of technical support and whether shelling is taking place.

Changing gun barrels or breechblocks is simply nonsense, with the exception of automatic cannons for spaa if they carry spare barrels.

I mean, the breach is the weapon in this case and that isn’t broken. The broken part is the “path” for the shell to go through. Still don’t see how is that logical or right but I mean my bad for not realising it

Not really the barrel also has the chamber that holds the complete round. The breech is just the part the attaches to the back of the barrel and keeps the angry bits from getting out the back.


When the barrel is replaced, in most cases the breach block is a loose part lying on the floor. Who should load it, the crew is just screwing the barrel back into the barrel cradle.
Remember, when you operate the fire extinguisher, the entire crew is busy with it and does nothing else… game logics.


Alright, I get it. But what about the autoloaders/the time you are not repairing-driving to cover then?

They throw the turret up in the air during this time…

My guess would be that you need the whole crew for replacing the barrel. So no one is there to load a shell. But don’t nail me on that.

I’ve played this game for a few years now, and understand that things are repaired in a Gaijin set priority, but for the love of the Snail, there are times when I still don’t understand when it says repair press F, but things are already repairing (example tracks and transmission are both damaged). If I press F it gets a longer repair, which makes sense, but then at the end sometimes all items haven’t repaired.

In the end, the same ghosts that man my roof mounted .50 cal, are the same ones that are apparently jumping out and repairing tracks, barrels etc.


"Why does it take me an extra 4-5-6-7 seconds to reload after my barrel repairs in 15 seconds??

It’s so illogical!!"

If it is indeed a bug, they better fix it. Should have been allowed to do this a long time ago.