Reintroduce Auto-Eject

I don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature, but please fix it or reintroduce auto-eject for planes and turn it down to 3 seconds.
It is absolutely unfair for tanks and ships that a destroyed aeroplane has still the ability more than often to fly towards you and kill you with its remaining armament.
I have no problem if the rockets, Bombs etc. have been already fired before the plane has been shot, but it makes no fun and sense if you destroyed a plane, get the credit for it and minutes later he can still kill you.
It happens to me more than once, especially in Naval-battles.

Well… you see…

so, the whole point is that the Beast in side you refuses to die! ^^


Okay, but why are planes the only ones to get the treatment?
A tank with one crew member can technically still shoot, drive and so on.
Of course not so quickly and the crew member would have to get around in the tank, but technically it is possible.
And especially ships.
Your ship sinks when your reserve crew is gone, this means, I can still have several hundred crew members but my ship just “sinks”, for no reason.
I mean I can get if they can’t cope with the damage and the ship sinks to it, but many times, I lose some crew member on deck, because of an HE hit and my ship sinks due to “lack of crewmember” Yeah… what?

But a plane can fly with a missing wing and tail and bomb me… yeah no.
Either make it fair for all parties, tanks had these mechanics once, or at least punish players for doing it like.
“You didn’t save your crew from impending doom? Okay here lock for 10 minutes after battle.”

Currently, loosing pilot also is impacting your repair cost as an aircraft (slightly but it is)

Yeah but it is nothing compared to a ship that cost nearly 30K to repair.

planes and Ships are 2 differents things,…

1st is 20 tons heavy with payloads, at best, with 1 or 2 pilots, maybe some gunners → total doesn’t exceed 20 people on board.

2nd is 40000 tons (ships nearly over Haruna Size), with 1200-1500 sailors on board,… with guns with a length of a Mirage 2000 Jet aircraft.

I mean → what did you expect?

So, it is fair for you, that a plane that is “destroyed” can stil kill enemies and still fly more than often, while the tank with one crewman and a ship sometimes with several hundreds can not?

The “destroyed” part is not about the pilot being killed,… it’s instant return to hangar when pilot is killed.

You feel fair that despite being hit once, you’re considered dead?
What would it be on a Tank or a Battleship?

You bring stupid argument of people on board a vehicule, when the part you dislike is due to mechanical failure.

If you do not understand that, you do not know the game at all, and must go back on reserve vehicules.

Oh how I love these “if you don’t like it go back and play this and this.” comments, this shows that you have no arguments and have to resort to playground insults.
As I wrote in my first statement I want auto eject when the plane is destroyed, not instantly, but at least after 3 seconds, maybe 5 seconds as a middle ground to the former 10 seconds.
This gives the player in the plane the ability to kill the enemy, drop bombs etc. but if the plane is considered destroyed can attack, retreat to its main base, and get repaired.
THAT is absolutely unfair against ALL players, but especially against tankers and sailors.
I had this weekend I destroyed a plane and I was destroyed by said plane more than 30 seconds later.
I myself did it with my own plane too.
This is wrong and unfair, even against pilots, but maybe I am more into these strange things called fair play and fun in video games.

It’s your inability to see who is considered out of combat and those being still able to fly that cause your rampage.

But still you do not own a full visual of the game at that point.

It have been made by several IRL aircrafts after the loss of vital parts of an aircraft to be able to came back to base → it got saved, repaired and not get destroyed

I have another thing for you to consider instead of this stupid idea of yours,…

What about instead of being ejected, payloads are automatically dropped as emergency situation, and the last weapons left are guns → the least effective against tanks and ships,…

This feature used to be in the game but it was universally hated so Gaijin removed it.

Think of it as them realising that there are too few crew left to operate the ship and so deciding to abandon and scuttle the ship.

I feel a lot of people can’t understand things so they demand things be removed because it scares them.

I was confused when I had last man standing happen on my tank… Ended up couldn’t fire, so went to move and it wouldn’t move either… Then the turret became active, but then I went to move and it all stopped again.

I would’ve learned it, but on the fly, I was just mashing keys.

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Everyone knew what it was, it was just hated because it was an extremely annoying mechanic.

  • You shoot a tank and leave it on one crew, that makes the tank essentially useless and not fun for the other person to play
  • You now have to try and kill this tank which should already be dead, or else your kill will be stolen
  • The guy in the LMS tank is now purposefully moving his last crew member back and forth between the turret and hull meaning you have to guess where the crew member currently is in order to kill the tank.
  • After several shots you finally manage to kill the last crew member.
  • You’ve now had to waste 5 shots and a bunch of time to do what should have taken one shot and a couple of seconds

There’s a reason that the community had a big kick off about it and forced Gaijin to remove it.

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There are stories about tanks that have been heavily damaged but still could fight or hold off the enemies, at least for a while.
Or what about the USS Buchanan? That ship didn’t sink even after being decommissioned, so it was sent to be used in a target practice? It was hit several times and didn’t sink, they had to go and put C4 on it.
And that was a ship without any crew.

There are also ships in service and war battles that haven’t sunk due to some miracles.

And yes there are causes of planes that have been shot heavily and returned, there are even songs dedicated to such events.

I am not denying that fact, but first of all these cases are extremely rare, War Thunder is a freaking GAME.
The huge difference between RL and WT is that if you go down with your plane and you try to kill an opponent, you are most likely to die.
So if you want true realism or more realistic gameplay autoeject would be the norm, because it is the “safest” option.
You can rebuild a plane, but a good pilot is hard to come by.
A game should be fun for everyone not just one single side.

The proposal that they can only use the guns would be better for ships, but many tanks, especially SPAAs and light tanks are still likely to die.

And could you please stop insulting me, just because I’ve a different opinion than you and you are just looking from your biased pilot view?
Especially if I’ve never ever heard anyone complain ingame about auto eject, only about planes that are destroyed and can still kill you.
I hear that complaint quite often.

Yes I remember the feature with the tank, and I kinda liked it, but it wasn’t very good or well made, so I am not sad it is gone.

And yes the captain even says “ABANDONE SHIP! ABONDONE SHIP!” because he wants to save the rest of the crew, which is logical.
So why not apply that logic to the planes, save the pilot, screw the kill.
You know?

Well at least they would have to be able to point guns, instead of spamming rockets and bombs from which LT and SPAAG are completely destroyed from.

I complain from auto-eject, i can’t try to reach out my base for repair.

An idea.
We take your “they can only use their (machine)guns” and combine it with, that if you manage to fly back after a fatal damage, you are rewarded with no repair costs, but the plane is gone.
So you still “lose” the plane in the match, since it that heavily damaged that it counts as destroyed, and repairs would take too long, but you saved your nation to “build” an entire new plane.
That would be in my eyes a good trade.