Regional pricing for everybody?

Regional pricing is quite essential for companies that are looking to satisfy their playerbase and is interested in keeping their community fun, Regional pricing is almost implemented everywhere and everything example like steam games and stuffs. Regional pricing are also present in real life! like coke for example a 0.33 litre coke bottle in america would cost you AROUND 2.38 Dollars but In India (or Bharat) a 0.33 litre coke bottle would cost you AROUND 0.44 Dollars or 44 cents. And coke still get profits and indians and americans are both happy drinking their favourite drinks. Regional pricing is not really all implemented to gain more profits but sometimes they just want their stuffs to be accessible around the word. This also apply to the “Premiums Vehicles” In war thunder. You can’t drink them nor eat them but when you buy it you can have fun with it. And gaijin my buddy, fellow, pal don’t you want all of your playerbase to have fun playing their favourite jets? I know this might sound absurd because “You can reach top tier without premium” BUT I do looking for everyone in my or our community to have fun. For example a normal fellow very average wage in somewhere around… Let’s say the Phillippines he makes around 233 dollars a month he have to spend around… 30% of his salary to enjoy playing something like F-4 Premium for example. Now let’s turn the other way around and let’s sayy there is a guy in America he wants to play F-4 too he spends only 5% of his salary to buy the F-4 Pack. I think there are many filipinos among us looking to have fun in a premium too but couldn’t afford it so gaijin. Please Implement Regional pricing for everybody. Not just the turks or the brazillians but for everyone.

ALSO regarding the coca cola as a example it is questionable because they have different price for materials in each country but Im thinking of a very simple example that even the older people or the younger ones can atleast get some of the Idea I have been yapping about.

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This is actually one of the worst examples you could choose in order to support your suggestion.

Invest some time in order to know how and especially where coke is produced. You might find out that Coke is usually produced locally - with cheap (in the meaning of low priced) local ingredients in order to match local cost of living.

You might want to use a product that fits to gaijin, so an intangible asset like software. Look for Windows OS from MS…


You entirely miss my point my example do not represent the product but rather the scenario, My point Is that regional pricing mostly because they want to introduce their product to be accessible for everybody. I tried to bring on the most simple example I can think of that everybody can gets like a coca cola and not some advanced computer technic stuffs. I am sorry for making people misunderstood my point.

No - Just No!

You just gave an example of a variation of the Big Mac index, which is in itself a quite crappy method to evaluate purchasing power across countries.

In order to use this product, you need a “computer” with internet access. Do we have regional pricing for that too?

Because if not, the product is basically limited to people, who can afford the former.

Well, I am all for discounts for kids. I have some of those.

My bad, I am sorry for the questionable examples.

I can afford none of those… Atleast in full price without eating anything for 4 weeks… This is why im suggesting this, I am not doing this for just myself I have some friends that live in the same country as me or In a country with similar purchasing power. I’ve been saving up my money for a long time but due to our country economy and our family situation and job it’s still not enough. The gaijin store price tag is all based around developed country like the US, UK or Germany which has a high ceiling of minimum wage which they cannot be base for the price of the whole world. I get that it is not neccessary for everyone this isn’t a life support but It would be atleast very grateful for me and my small group of friends. Even If you doesn’t implement the regional pricing. I acknowledged that some of you all will take advantages of regional pricing and buy cheap goods even though you have more than enough to buy 10s of them but gaijin knows that and implement in the rules so doing that is a Permanent ban! Regional pricing has been implemented in steam so WHY NOT? also PLEASE gaijin run this game for another 5-10 years! I will find a great paying job and I will buy some of your stuffs this might sound very stupid but this is one of my life goal to get a good paying job enough to buy a virtual plane for 70$ and don’t have major effect on my living.

About the line of “If you can afford a computer why you can’t afford this” I’m sorry to tell this but computers are quite essential these days the whole family can use this for works and college projects so every family has one if they are still being able to provide the money, Then why not? why can’t little timmy play on the pc?

That’s simply not true. It is based on greed. 70$ is about the price for a full AAA game and not for an item in an online game. So yeah…

You have a good point, I do agree with that.

Sorry, but I don’t agree with you on this.

First of all, if the state of life is precarious, then there is just no justification to waste any money on a free to play game. If we were to talk about science books, access to education, anything that will help to better the standard of living of yourself, your family or your community in the long run, it is fine with me. But this? Not having access to a specific item in a computer game would be labled “first world problem” towards my kids here.

Second, you can earn anything, even premium packs, from playing events and selling on the market. I actually do that. I have 300 GJN to spend from selling stuff that I earned in events, just by playing. And you and me have the same ingame wage.

If I mirror the situation, if I were a poor farmer, relying on my pickup truck for survival, I wouldn’t want my youngsters to use it to drive to some town every day cause they get reduced farmer entrance prices into some cinema.

But fortunately for you, I have no say in this, you don’t need to convince me. :-)

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Yeah but do you have explanation to why turkey and brazil has it but the rest don’t? I kinda don’t get it. Since you really love gaijin that much do you have like any reasonable explaination for these?

Compared to the your example Phillippines both countries have actual relevance just by their size / average income / GDP.
Outside tourism or opening Call/Service centers in Cebu in order to abuse the comparably high education level in relation to very low wages (modern slavery) your local market is actually not relevant on a global scale.

No, outside markets for luxury items (rich people live everywhere) it is a matter of cost/income ratio - local pricing is not for free, u need actually to invest some money to do that. And to maintain it…
As long there is no positive business case, need for expansion and other, much stronger markets have better ROIs it is better to focus on cash-cows.

There is no correlation between fun and premium vehicles.

Seeing your rather limited number of matches and looking for top tier premiums is exactly the way how gaijin earns money from teens with access to credit cards by luring them into buying overpriced premium packs as they created the illusion that premium vehicles will increase fun…

I don’t quite understand how regional pricing relates to my oppinion towards Gaijin. My oppinion is actually contrary to their benefit and more towards your countries benefit, but that may not be on your radar yet.

If Gaijin gives regional pricing to some region, this means one thing for sure: It must be profitable for them. So in case of Brazil and Turkey, they must be convinced that they can gain enough extra customers and control abuse (VPN, gifting, account selling etc.) well enough so that their benefits outweigh their losses.

In other cases, it may be legally impossible to do so, because the countries are engaged in trade agreements with other countries to open their markets. So either they open to all the connected trade partners, or to none (European Union would be an example).

This is nothing more than a promotion. At least in my country (Brazil), people end the year with enough money to spend on parties. This is a strategy, indeed; it doesn’t make sense to regionalize anything! I know our currency isn’t worth much in the international market. This is simply a promotion to counter the negative reviews that Gaijin received on Steam; it’s straightforward. Everyone makes mistakes, and they found a way to correct those errors by offering a promotion that most of these countries will buy into heavily! I bought, and everyone is buying. I don’t know where you get these theories from

Gaijin has to profit a lot in dollars to maintain this masterpiece. These promotions are just to show that they care about us, even if we pay less. After all, we are players, and each player in the waiting line has their value; it’s fair to reward them. I have no idea about the size of my community in Brazil, but it’s likely to grow with this type of promotion, especially at the end of this year’s cycle.
Another thing worth noting is that no one cares about how expensive the cost of living is in their country or that the price of a MiG-21ML, for example ($70), could pay for internet, water, pizza, and soda and still have money left over to put in the car or something like that, do you understand?

If Gaijin really wants to profit from third-world countries, a tip would be to add a 7-day premium; I would buy it. It would be cheaper than buying Golden Eagles x2 and then purchasing a premium account just to have only 1 day of premium.

This is far more wrong than stating earth is flat.

Nothing is required to maintain digital product stock in the market after the initial development cost, there only need developer decision to keep their product in the storefront or not. they can and will always recoup their cost and makes more profit onwards as they are not needing active production line to be kept in shelf.

Big Mac principle is still kinda wrong because digital product inherently only need one time development cost, especially for in-game items like premium vehicles, that one time development cost is the thing that need to be recouped and they usually recoup it after 6 month or even less with Gaijin pricing.

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So the servers are really powered by hamsters?

I said the vehicle, not the game itself. the product will pay itself in 6 month, anymore than that it’s corporate cost + shareholder gains, do you think gaijin lack monetisation? remind me of 3400 GE ace crew, prem vehicle, prem time, chest, gaijin market and other shit. This game will not die because of regional pricing, you might die from people paying less because you live in USA but not Gaijin.