Region skill differences

so, even if every teammate is quite literally horrible, and almost never good, atleast in eu server i SOMETIMES get help from them, but on every na game ive been in, they are always dreadful, why are na players always horrible in every game, i mean wt isnt even the most complicated game ever, and Still man.

It is random. I find the EU the worst servers for players, personally . Results vary I suppose.

i mean i suppose it depends on personal experience and time played, i have a good 1k hrs in eu

i dont either!!! i just shoot stuff and win sometimes shrug lol, it aint that deep tbh u just learn how to use something and sometimes help yr team win or w/3

they dont exist not real people

Yes, I really don’t think zone matters (people queue in many servers anyway). People have the potential to be terrible everywhere (in terms of team).

It took this long to get an Air callout; communication is hard when everyone speaks different languages.

I’ve had this thought a few times. I’ll look at the scoreboard and see like two or three players on my team with kills two or three on the other team with kills and the rest are just… there, sit in spec after death on a few of those ‘players’ and you gotta wonder whats going on.

I literally dont notice a difference from when I play on NA or SA servers. Dont play EU or RU because 300+ ping

i have to assume its lead brain, aka most na players having micrograms of lead Leaf as their ‘‘brain’’ within their mostly empty head cavity

The US servers have more english communication and sometimes have functional teams, although not always. SA servers are always selfish players, chinese players don’t communicate among themselves despite having a common language, nobody marks the map, etc. Pretty bad. I just take advantage and hope I can sneak in and cause havok before the enemy team stops me.