Regarding the fiddling Bkan

I just started playing with it… At first I liked it a lot, but recently not so much…

Wanted your opinion… Is it overrated or underrated?

I just think 7.0 is way too high for it… No matter what you do, you only encounter heavy tanks that are almost gods compared to the Bkan… You can throw at them 14 rounds and still won’t even scratch them…

its 6.7 are you playing arcade, if yes. there’s your problem. The Bkan 1b really only has reload rate and 155mm HE as its advantage, also being very survivable can be a curse since you get slowly tortured if your engine/Gun gets shot.

The Bkan 1B for me relies upon mostly suprise and/or Range/Sniping, When ur oponent whiffs their shot at you bc they dont have the range, you use your fire rate to adjust then hit them first, and you dont have to aim for weakspots since its a 155mm HE shell.

Thats how its supposed to play then in arcade everybody gets help with the range, so you dont get that advantage neither the element of suprise.

Its actually pretty good in arcade playing normally, but its best as an SPAA- unlock proxy and you become god of anti-air.

It’s only really good at holding a position from what I’ve experienced.

And it’s pretty damn deadly at that.

And SPAA >:3

To be honest, you can’t really do both since the shell count isn’t good. Targeting speed is bad too

Hull traverse is fairly good tbh, and proxy works on tanks if you are close enough.

Yeah, but it triggers on everything, so it’s unreliable.

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Main thing is its like 500m arming distance which means below that it’s just a HE shell.

500 meters really isn’t that far. During midgame, there’ll be a lot of debris to proxy your shell too.

I just mostly use the standard HE with a few VT shells.

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In my honest opinion, it really needs to go to 7.7. It is more than capable as it is right now in Realistic, and would fare well against the lightly armoured vehicles of 7.7-8.7 but wouldn’t be clubbing 5.7-6.7.



the bkan aint op wtf you on

It can fire on average 4-5 times before the average Heavy tank can reload, plus the first shot usually kills if the person using the tank knows what they’re doing. One shot to a cupola and that’s a dead Tiger, one shot underneath and that’s a dead American T34. Bkan has a good hull traverse and can absolutely whip around to kill things. It going to 7.7 would be good for the Bkan as well, as it wouldn’t face APHE/APCBC, but APDS/APDSFS.

Yes, it can fire quickly- but that is all it has.

It has low ammo capacity and no proper turret, yeah it has good hull traverse but that doesnt make up for it. It has a tiny ammo capacity, poor explosive size compared to other derp guns, and a depression that makes soviet tanks look good.

Its fine where it is at- its a good step above the turreted long-reload SPGs like the M109, but not as far up as stuff like the VIDAR.

I’ve never found depression to be an issue when using HE lobbers, and the turret traverse is more than workable if you know what you are doing. I have also never found ammo capacity to be an issue in other HE lobbers, usually I take 10 maybe less rounds anyway.

I won’t lie, I don’t have the vehicle. But I am an avid player of 6.7 and I don’t find it that fun to fight. The only times I ever kill a Bkan is when the operator clearly doesn’t know how to use it, usually within point blank. I do plan on eventually playing Sweden so I guess I’ll have to reserve harsh consideration until later but until then my experience with it is that is it unfun to fight at it’s current BR

Ammo is absolutely an issue with the Bkan, 14 shells isnt much when you have a 3s reload. It also has absolutely horrendous optics, which make sniping extremely difficult.

I do recommend playing it though, it is fun especially as an SPAA.

So im going to info dump here, the optic on the Bkan is actually much stronger IRL.

Edit: And i lost the source FU-

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Because good lord I need it