Reflection quality and temporal issues

It would be appreciated if the WT graphics development team can look into the temporal issues (flickering) as well as quality of the reflections in this game.

Currently having reflections all the way down, which means OFF, generates the cleanest picture. It’s nice, you have ray traced reflections (in screen space), but at what quality? It is noisy, has temporal issues, and it looks very low resolution… There are much better implementations of this effect.

I’m not able to see any setting in machine.blk that may influence this effect in any positive manner. Perhaps this could be made available?

Try turning off SSAA, Nvidia low latency, and antistropy. One of those might be related.

Maybe ssao to max too?

I’ve only seen stuff like this with DLSS on tho

Doesn’t make a difference. SSAO on max is kind of busted in this game, no point to run it above medium… Ray traced reflections could be implemented cleanly with 2-3 bounces, but sure, Gaijin’s principle on performance kind of gets in the way (though those people could just turn the effect low/off?).

SSAA 4x just renders the game on 4K for me (I use a 1080p screen). No change to turn if on/off when it comes to reflection quality. Anisotropy is unrelated as well.

This seems to be purely related to the shader that deals with reflections, which needs some serious rework…