Reexamine Tank Commander and Roof Mounted Machine gun

With the addition of various new vehicles into service, the original machine gun system in War Thunder may need some changes. We knew that tanks and machine guns in War Thunder can be directly used, but that can have some changes. The latest batch of tanks such as M1A2 SEPv2, T90M and VT-4A1 tanks all have commander’s weapon stations, which means that the commander can remotely control the roof machine gun from inside the vehicle. We cannot feel the sophistication of these designs in the game, because due to game design, the actual operation of the roof-mounted machine guns of all vehicles is no different from remote control, including early tanks starting from the 1920s. On the other hand, Tank Commander often has a weak presence in the game. Therefore, I propose that we need to redesign the machine gun system. Firstly, for tanks without remote-controlled weapon stations, I recommend adding a new feature that allows players to choose, they can either let the commander to “lean out” of the tank in order to operate the roof-mounted machine gun. At this time, the commander’s hit model will be outside the vehicle. This makes the commander more dangerous, but allows the use of machine guns. Or players can let commander stay inside, which is safe, but the machine gun is disabled. These two can be switched. The Hellcats in the current game are a good reference of how commanders use machine guns outsides of the tank. Tanks with remote-controlled weapon stations can use machine guns at will until the commander is killed, just like now. In addition, coaxial machine guns and other hull-mounted machine guns should also depend on the specific operating crew and are not affected by this system. I think this design can better restore the machine gun system. On the other hand, tanks with powerful machine guns, such as the American tank, have to make a decision whether to use them, while tanks, such as the German tank, which are only equipped with small-caliber machine guns, also have new targets to hit.

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This is a bad idea,It won’t bring any fun to the game, it will only make players more uncomfortable,Especially when facing those helicopter RUSH

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