Reduce the R-24R speed or move MiG-23ML/MLA/MLD to 11.7

we’re all tired of russian aircraft having the upper hand in BVR but also in WVR combat, the r24r is a monstrosity of a missile, large, fast and (don’t trust the stat cards) pulling more than the majority of the missiles at it’s BR and… even ABOVE it.

To add more, MiG23 ML radar takes less time to pick a target than something like a mirage 2000 or any of the US aircraft with a doppler radar. Crazy, huh? while you’re struggling to lock an ML in clear air it has already locked you flying low. You start notching and the missile still strikes you because MTI is not doppler radar so all you have to do is dump all chaff and pray to lord snail to ignore Rasputin for a second. Or what if you already locked the ML 10km away? the missile takes 5 seconds to arrive, time in which the mig23 ml’s missile only takes two.

The missile gives you no chance for evasion within the death wall and notching will just make you get the ML parked on your six with nothing much you can do. It’s too strong for the BR and yet despite how good people did in the past with the MLD and MLA it’s one of the few aircraft that didn’t suffer any br bump like the F-5E (the Re225 of the Jets) and many other props like the sea fury, ta152c3 and j7w1.

Most of your post would be fixed with decrompression.

Make a post about that, but don’t spam with every minor issue you have

Multipathing strikes again. Planes like the 23 can hug the deck and be 100% safe from missiles that VASTLY outrange the R24

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decompression wouldn’t happen and f104a’s not having aim9j’s to move them to 11.0 instead lowering mig15s and sabres to 8.0 is proof of it, and since the game only focuses on realism (ahem, non ussr realism) such as the r27er having thrice the engine power it should and r60m proxying further than the r60 that has to touch the target despite documents show that r60m also had to touch the target… and ignoring flares up close while r60’s go to thin air.

Now youve done it, Mig23M is coming


yeah, he works for gaijin.

People have been asking for “decompression” for over 10 years now, this is a pipe dream that is just not going to happen.

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bruh another thread? lmfao


No… no he doesnt and to be fair if you have any docs that show the R60s not having proxy fuses and the R27ER overperforming by all means post them. The 27ER is not overperforming because gaijin fumbled the numbers, its overperforming because its 10 years newer than the 7M

cool i should just shut up and keep my ears down like a scared dog instead of pointing out the issues the game has. I always thought most people can’t see the elephant in the room. Problem is, they ARE the elephant in the room. Including you and @MiG_23M who is still writing a quixote.

The Malding continues


or, just maybe, MAYBE you could make 1 thread with everything that you want changed or discussed? no need to make 1 or more posts like this per day

no, its overperforming because it’s first stage motor has twice the thrust it had in real life, not even the OKB of Vympel claimed these numbers, they literally pulled them out of their wazoo. Neither did the r27er reach mach 6 at high altitude, that would classify the missile as high altitude hypersonic and it’s neither a high altitude, less even hypersonic. A week ago I saw a post linking the data and compared it to the game values but i cant find it now somehow.

The r27er is 10 years newer and still somehow performs better than the r77 in the dev server; the aim7m is newer than the r24r and still performs worse. Hm?

While your rants are almost always unsubstantiated, you shot yourself in the foot with this statement.

If you were flying low and he was flying high… he’d lose. Firing a missile at him would be certain death whereas the R-24R would just miss you due to multipath.

Chaff is already overperforming in-game. Notching the radar isn’t hard. Once you’ve turned away and chaffed… change direction again. The radar will have locked the chaff and will still be highlighting you briefly. Changing direction or going full cold will often put the chaff wall between you and the missile - precluding any chance of it hitting you. It’s not like the subsequent R-60 or R-24T launches will be successful anyway seeing as they both go for a single flare.

The claim that it travels 10km in 5s… lol… it travels ~600-750m during the burn time (3s), after which it has to glide and is already significantly slowing down. What makes you think it can travel 10x that distance in the remaining 7 seconds? You think it accelerates at an average rate of 2km/s? Do you realize how absurd that sounds?

It has inferior acceleration to the AIM-9J for example… do you claim the AIM-9J is this powerful? How about the new AIM-9P-4? Do they give you “no chance for evasion”?

Ironically, the F-5E is heavily overperforming in-game. The in-game performance is above that of the real world F-20… the only thing that COULD be conceivably “nerfed” (for historical reasons) is the F-5E in this conversation.

You’ve been posting non-issues. Simple complaints about stuff that boils down to a skill issue. You fail to read or understand the methods gaijin uses to balance the game (while flawed)… your arguments are on the edge of validity if you’d only take a step back to admit some degree of “I’m just not playing the meta” and “maybe this is the result of a bigger issue”.

According to what source?

The original post Gaijin made had erroneous data, which has since been amended to follow primary source material.

It outperforms the R-77 kinematically in real life, too.

This isn’t true, the AIM-7M has better overload, turn radius, acceleration (after 3s), seeker performance, range, and you can almost always carry more of them on various fighters with superior radars to the MiG-23.


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