Reduce the amount of KH-38s the SU-25SM3 can carry from 4 to 2

Its honestly stupid how the SU-23SM3 can carry 4x KH-38s that go 2.2 M and has a camera pod that has 36.8x zoom. Mind you the SOLT-25 camera is supposed to have 16x zoom. No other nation can compete with it and don’t say that the other nation gets the AGM-65s and can carry more. Damn things go at a solid max speed 0.9 M and can get shot down by any SPAA easily. By the time a KH-38 is launched its already too late and might as well J out if you know it’s coming for you.
Screenshot (23)

Counter idea, let’s buff it from 4 to 6


how about 4 to 0 on the grounds they do not belong in the game rn

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Nahhh, just J out before it hits you, buff it to 7, the pilot carry one according to real sources

Go one further: return to hanger when russia is the opposing side and save yourself from Vikhr/Kh-38 cheese

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