Reduce Netz br to 12

F16 Netz in 12.3 is so unfair . it just has pythons no more things ! meanwhile taiwanese F16A MLU with better avionics and more flares and with aim7 is 12.0 or for another example F15A has aim9m and aim7 with 240 flares meanwhile it’s a 12.3 plane same as poor Netz …


There are two Harriers at 12.3 that have AIM-120s, soooooo.

dude it’s not comparable at all . they have better avionics and better armament with more flares . they have their own playstyle , there is no example that look like harriers , but about f16 we have same examples that have better condition than Netz (: sooooo

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gaijin just think that python3 is better than AIM9L :( however is hard to say that

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bruh if even we consider it , it cant be better than aim9m , it’s in same br with f15 eagle almost with no advantage .

of course, but gaijin dont think so :(

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They’re also harriers. The Netz will scrape these 10 times out of 10.

An F-16A block 10, with access to python 3 is staying at 12.3 like it or not.

You can’t have the best flight model in the game and some of the best IR missiles and also sit at 12.0 to club the hell out of your down tiers.

How are they going to kill you considering the stupid multipathing effect by which you can hug the ground and stay safe then find your optimal target and kill the poor thing without having to even think about it?

I don’t think I need to talk about the performance of python 3’s and how incredibly maneuverable and powerful they are.

IMHO, they should raise all the 12.0 and 12.3 F16’s BR by one step because now that the top tier black hole is leaving their BR bracket, they are gonna see more down tiers and slaughter everything on sight.

Meanwhile F-16AJ sits at 12.0 with same flight model, Aim-7’s and Aim-9L’s or F-15 that sits at 12.3 while having better flight performance,more countermeasures and better armament.

Your argument doesnt make sense.

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As you said, F16AJ has access to aim9L which in every way is inferior to python 3.
Aim7F is easy because of multipathing.
F15’s all in general are not two circle dogfighters.
That poor F15 sits at 12.3 only because of it’s 9M. The number of countermeasures is based on that plane’s real life , not picked by random number generator functions you dumbass. If you have a problem about it, go pick up a fight with Boeing Co and McDonnell Douglas companies and ask them why they put this many CMs into this thing.

Yea if you think general Air Rb fight will be one vs one then yea, the thing is its not.

Highly disagree.

Poor? Lmao. Its there because of incompetent players, Aim-9M has nothing to do with that.

Never said it wasnt, stop imagining things.

Watch your mouth.


I really hope gaijin does BR changes soon after the update releases, a lot of stuff will need to be changed

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im sure you have not ever play with Netz ! python 3 can flare easily in front aspect and about rear aspect it’s just a little better than aim9L or even R60m .
it’s clear why it should be in 12.0 , i think i explained it !

or gaijin should change all top tier BR’s.
Anyway if they change br , Netz should be in same BR like other f16 block 10/15/20 , It has no special advantage compare other variants and you should accept this !

poor f15 ??? dude has skill issue XD

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mention moderator .

Yea im thinking about that.

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i smoked stuff that you gave me , or it was too strong for you and you forgot what did you do ?! ( your opinion about f15a shows it XD ) , as i said and as im saying , it’s clear that Netz has no advantage against another f16 variants , having pythons dont make it better plane in 12.3 , yeah python has more resistance against flare but dont remember mirage 2000 serie 5 in 11.7 with magics and better avionics XD .
anyway you said your reasons i think it’s enough … let’s see what gaijin wanna do !

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F15A 12.3 → Baz 12.3
Belgian F16A 12.0 → Netz 12.0
very fair