Red Zones

Red Zones in game is a murdering killer that is nulling my average 8 hours a day play to 0.

Other thing that is killing the game for me is the fact that vehicle design & application characteristics are being ignored in the new map changes.

And yes, partially I blame people like @Pacifica for making statements like “War Thunder is not a sniping game” while not setting foot in GRB or GSB.

Rant Over.


Eh I’m not biased towards any side in this argument. Though id like more maps like Hurtgen Forrest but no city parts just nature and small roads with semi hilly terrain with woodlands. Would make for a much greater experience than 70% of maps in game right now.

id like maps like this like this as a example of Sweden and Norway instead of Stockholm that is just a garbage urban map. Anybody that disagrees can suck a “kotte” and fall in “Slask”

Summer or Sommar

And for our winter or Vinter:


I think more Maps like Fulda would be awesome as well


Yea, just make some trees work as natural cover instead of slapping a city inbetween

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100% agree with more maps in the style you suggested.

Right now everything is being forced into CQC.


What i want is bigger and free´er maps for all tiers. No hard boundry instead just do like you do in Air RB and AB and teleport you to face the other way. I want to experience what you kinda have in GH;PC open terrain with forrest with small towns or cities

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Yeah. I think that War Thunder is both, a sniping game and not a sniping game. It truly depends on the Tank, which is why Map design is so important in War Thunder. And Red Zones are a bad design method


It’s good sniping spot and also can deal with spawn camping too I don’t know why the F Gaijin red it out specifically in that area only

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If you want to discuss maps, please use already created thread.
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