Recover vehicle from Ban account


some time ago, my account was definitively banned.

Since then I can’t access it anymore, I have a message telling me that I broke the rules.

On this account, I bought a lot of premium tanks and premium planes.
This represents several hundred euros.

I’ve decided to create a new account because I love this game.

How can I recover all the vehicles I bought and transfer them to my new account?

Thank you for your help.

Hmmm, I wonder what you got banned for :)

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Hello, this is a question for customer support.

They’re the only ones authorized to answer questions about accounts

Thanks for your answer

Botting moment

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As mentioned, only Support can deal with banned accounts

Nothing can ever be transferred to or from any account(s) anyway, and they will tell you the same thing

and, you do not seem to understand what being “Banned” actually means in the first place… even if there were Trading or Transferring things was available, that account would be “Banned” as in “officially prevent (someone) from doing something.”