Recent map changes

I hate the recent single capture point map changes. They are GODAWFUL, just because a small minority didn’t like getting flanked, the rest have to suffer? I just played Ash River, and I couldn’t even get to a sniping position because of the “out of bounds” system, I swear, if this doesn’t get changed or fixed I’m going to lose my mind.


Well if you are allowed to flank then how do those newbies with T80UD kill you from the front and be happy to purchase more


Where did you get the idea that a “small minority” preferred anything? Gaijin has overwhelming sources of data for what maps people like or not. They know what people liked/disliked on the map list, they know which maps people leave early, they know where people go in maps down to the meter and the second, and where they don’t go, they know which maps people ragequit the game after playing, etc. etc. etc.

They also have zero motivation to change things based on that unless the majority like the changes. What would be the other secret agenda?

I’ve been playing for years, I am not a newbie, I am a big fan of not every single map boringly ALWAYS being about flanking. It’s very refreshing. It’s also more fair and competitive that you need to know more than one trick as a pony to do well consistently (need to be good at flanking, sniping, CQC, not JUST flanking). Learn the rest of the game’s skillsets. Nothing wrong with flanking, but it should be one of your many skills.

I just played Ash River, and I couldn’t even get to a sniping position because of the “out of bounds” system

Oh no! You might have to be good at other parts of the game to maintain your 8:1 KD and 70% win rate that were never really deserved if they were all from spamming one trick all along. You might also have to learn more than 5% of the map (“How to get from spawn to my one sniping spot I know”)! Anyway…

These map changes are rubbish, simple as that


There are what, 50 maps? And how many variations of each map.
We are given 8 votes, 4 up and 4 down…

Maybe I like the big map version of a map but not the small… How is that reflected in my map vote.

Additionally, making the maps smaller and narrower makes the gameplay more linear and generic. It objectively makes the game simpler

Basically it caters to simple people xD


Yes and over like 2 million players, that is an incredible amount of data on every map, even if only 1% of people tag a given map ever. I also listed multiple other data sources.

It objectively makes the game simpler

Not really, “just go where nobody is lul and get to your sniping spot scot free because it’s huge” is a much simpler strategy IMO

That was a big number to pull out of the void. Where in the whole entire universe have you seen 2 million players? Most I’ve seen was 207k during an event.

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Citation Needed™


I would much rather they add small maps built for cqc than adding red zones to large maps that were not built with these limitations in mind.


I’ve always had, rather poor, experiences with Chihuahua.

Just gotta deal with the haters ig 🤷🏽

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They regularly rotate variants of maps with different boundaries and cap points placements. It is likely not permanent.

In the context of voting on maps, the relevant number of players are those currently interested in the game and playing with some regularity as one of the games they enjoy in general. Not the amount online RIGHT THIS SECOND concurrently.

A typical game has about 10x more players active some point during a month as they do on individual days. And 200k was what you saw in game at one MOMENT, not the whole day. If you saw 200k at once, then there may have been 500k unique people during that entire day. If you see 100k normally, then there might be 200-250k during the whole day. Which would then be about 2-2.5 million monthly (generally still interested).

Most companies consider you “churned out” and lost interest, if you leave for 30 days, it’s a pretty standard conceptual cutoff.

Actually, I was being way too conservative though, really, because the maps haven’t changed that much over time. A lot of the maps are very old. So they could still gain insight from even churned out players, if that map hasn’t changed much since people used to play it. War Thunder has had over 70 million downloads ever, so some of the maps might have TENS of millions of people who could have had the opportunity to indicate them as a liked or disliked map. Or who played some matches on that map and can contribute to heatmap info.

Yeah, so we are counting three major factors that mess your argument up and down. Bots, yeah, bots, they contribute to the download and play of the game and running of applications. People who delete it to free up space, then redownload it, which has happened to me before when I had a windows glitch. Final and foremost, the amount of people that download the game, realize the grind is too difficult, and give it up, but still have it downloaded and occasionally play it, not giving their time or effort to learning the game, but rather to play it every once and a while, then get mad about it, because they didn’t learn how to play properly.

Bots, yeah, bots, they contribute to the download and play of the game and running of applications.

Bots have been getting banned en masse recently, and concurrent players still get way above 100k regularly. Which still implies about 2 million people “active” (as in, active in the last 30 days)

People who delete it to free up space, then redownload it

That’s only relevant to the 70 million figure, not the 2 million currently active. Okay fine, make it 20 million distinct people. Whoopdeedoo, massive massive number still who have probably played sversk 13 at some point or whatever, and are contributing data about whether they like it and where they go in the map.

the amount of people that download the game, realize the grind is too difficult, and give it up

They played maps before giving up. They contribute map data. In fact, if I was Gaijin, I’d be way MORE interested in their map data (where they went in the maps, which ones they leave, no need for voting/flagging) than in your map data, because you are happy and loyal, they are the ones who left and who dictate the likely more impactful improvements we’d want to make. So I’d be a lot more focused on them.

The changes to Ash River do suck, especially when it looks like you can get around it from one end compared to the other, and end up dying from the red zone anyway.

It sucks because the top route was the main path for anyone who understood height advantages.

The more these funneling changes happen the more fixated and blinkers on the players are allowed to become.

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Yeah, “Happy” isn’t the word I’d use for the attitude I have towards this subject.

Last week battles: 202 = happy

The only reason it’s 202 is because I left half of the matches because the maps were ass.

lol if true, fair enough

I skip Ash River, Sversk, and Test-Site 90% of the time, there are probably a few other too.