Recent AB fighter changes

While I understand that fighters are a nuisance, I believe you’re recent changes to ground AB have been an over correction.

Far from it, the correction as you put it just curbs players using the fighters as cruise missiles and their go to stat padding tactic. Gives the ground gamers a chance to use more of our tree vehicles without planes raining on you constantly.

Been long overdue…

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I would disagree. I can only speak for myself but I often use spaa to counter swarms of CAS and never really had a problem. Second, I used fighters to straif ground targets yes, but I personally never used my plane as a cruise missile like others may have.

This change will in no way affect the number of planes in the air, not directly. And it may reduce some of the dive/splat antics, but really . . . as hell bent as a good portion of the player base seems to be on getting “revenge”, or as much as many tank players ASSUME that is what is going on, all the removal of markers really does is make it more difficult to attack a certain/specific player. Many players use these markers to get their bombing/missile targets by seeing who is flying a plane and going for the unmanned tank that is not likely to even move . . . making it more of a “sure thing”. And frankly with how the game mechanics work, I see that as a bigger issue than lawn dart players. Kamikaze attacks rarely even do any damage to the ground units anyway . … it’s more of a hateful/spiteful move and NOTHING Gaijin could ever do will make players play the game with any honor . . . just how it is. I turned off everything but the vehicle type and distance for my Arcade tags years ago, less clutter and it helps me avoid “going after” someone for that reason. I mean in Air AB, you still can, just takes a little more effort. But I learned long ago, it’s generally a waste of time and hurts your scoring to be all mad and “vengeful”. It’s a war game, everyone is going to use all available “tools” to take out the other guy. Those that lack maturity and have to “act out” are not going to change because of this move. Personally, in Ground AB, leave the markers, just adjust them to vehicle type & distance, all a player really needs . . . or just make it “pretend RB” and remove the markers for ALL planes. It was fine before . . . adding the little skull icon to the guy that just killed you was a poor decision and created more of this type of animosity than anything else it seems like, And I also see no relevance to this and “Stat Padding” . . . stats really mean very little in this game . . for all “practical” purposes.
I’m not against the idea of doing things to lessen “angry play” . . it’s pointless, but I do not see this as helpful in any way really . . but that is just me

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You must understand that you that lower ranks armored verhicles tank destroyers and AA aren’t having any armor against fighter planes with cannons that can penetrate you open top without problem. New players don’t have AA in they garage and must lower rank tanks don’t have extra machinegun for AA defence.

Of course it won’t reduce aircraft numbers, what it will do is give a percentage of a players ground vehicle tree a chance to get some game time without being directly targeted soon as the opposing aircraft spawn.

This has been a very exploited tactic since they set up AB and large parts of the player base rely on it for their stats. A lot don’t have any ground game without the aircraft.

Just look through all the new threads and everybody complaining about losing that free edge, pure comedy.


I think this is a good change. It actually makes playing open top vehicles in ground AB somewhat viable.

Could show friendly ground vehicle markers though… keep getting peppered by my own teammates’ fighters.


For years I’ve been asking for Gaijin to remove enemy markers for CAS planes, they went half way and kept the enemy markers for bombers and attackers and completely remove them for interceptors. I think a better way to implement it would be to remove enemy markers for all planes and only keep friendly ones. Bombers and attackers would still be able to find targets and we could avoid friendly fire from interceptors.

I just played my first interceptor and I was able to kill the enemy’s bomber and the escort fighter that instead of covering the bomber was still diving on my team, and I still had time to kill an open top SPG that was trying to kill my tank. So it’s still possible to do it without any markers, and it helps focusing on the interception of enemy planes, but not being able to see friendly markers makes it a bit confusing, I believe you can see them in RB so it makes no sense to completely remove them(friendly markers only ) in AB.