Recalculation of Laser Guided Rocket Spawn Point cost

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There is a huge variety of weapons available to helicopters in game, ranging from the WW2 HVAR to the most modern Spike-ER. Each feature its own advantages and disadvantages making them unique and offering various styles of gameplay which can varry widely depending on the BR placement of such weapons.

However one type of helicopter mounted weapons that is essentially never used are Laser Guided Rockets. These are rockets that feature a laser homing guidance kit which allow them to be guided from your helicopter using a laser designator. These weapons often feature SAP-HE or pure HE warheads with very limited penetration.

They are small caliber rockets thus they are quite light (compared to Anti Tank Guided Missiles) and are usually available in somewhat higher numbers compared to other Missile armements but are still very limited compared to dumb-fire rockets.

This sounds great until you consider their Spawn Point cost.
They share the same cost as the AGM-114K Hellfire, an Anti Tank Guided Missile with 8km range and a Tandem HEAT warhead that can penetrate 1200mm of armor. While these laser guided rockets technically outrange these missiles, it requires you to accurately aim and loft them manually, predicting where the target will be making sure to not overshoot or undershoot the target which become extremely hard at longer ranges because of how fast they bleed range and start pointing their seeker downwards towards the ground making it impossible to guide if they aimed properly or they will simply be out of energy and fall to the ground regardless.

These rockets often have worse effectiveness than dumb-fire rockets like the Hydra-70, especially for helicopters that have CCIP for these rockets. Unlike these laser guided rockets, they are available in very high quantities, feature HEAT warheads and can be lobbed at long distance while the helicopter that fired them can hide and rearm waiting for them to hit their target.

The only exception to this are the Turkish CIRIT rockets which both are available at the exact same quantity as proper Anti Tank Guided Missiles but also have HEAT warheads that maintain their penetration over all distances.

While these Laser Guided Rockets can in theory destroy the tracks of armored vehicles, they are often too inaccurate and the damage is too inconsistent to destroy the tracks of these vehicles and it does not justify their high Spawn Point cost.

They can also technically according to the stat card kill light armored vehicles but when taking into consideration the range they will be used at (over 2km), they will struggle to penetrate anything but the lightest vehicles unless you are accurate enough to hit their weakspots.

So taking everything mentioned above into consideration, these types of munitions require a recalculation of their Spawn Point cost, to be either the same as Large-Caliber rockets or even cheap enough to be used at the start of the battle without the need to gain any additional points. While they do have some advantages over proper Anti Tank Guided Missiles, their disadvantages far outweight those advantages making them essentially useless in battle.