Reason why people do not play naval (one of many):

I see child made up their mind. “oh I dont wanna hear or see that the ship was just fine because I say the ship was under water!” . Bro why do you even talk then? You are just waste of space for some meaningfull debate.

Amusing. You want to blame me yet all you’ve shown is you acting like a child by pointing fingers, having a tantrum, and then throwing insults towards me. How am I not surprised?

Also reported this comment.


Which map was it? The apparently open ocean map with the atoll in the middle- is it Midway? - has shallow areas in the open ocean. Looks like you might have run aground, prompting Gaijin to give you the countdown to “leaving the ship.” The flooding and subsequent capsize are - perhaps - nothing to do with the sinking and just coincidental. Getting sunk due loss of crew is always because they’ve all been killed, in my experience, not because they abandon ship for any reason.

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But that isn’t what is happening - WT has a simplistic system - you keep flooding until you fix the hole, then you pump out.

In this case the hole has been fixed, the is no more water coming in - it is all being pumped out and that will be done in 1 minute or so.

So there is no current threat to the ship any more.

i looks a lot like a bug to me.

that said - I’ve never seen this happen and I don’t think it is common and so it doesn’t look like a significant reason why people don’t play naval.

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The game while it does have a simplistic system, Naval doesn’t entirely. For Water Pumping, even if you manage to fix the holes you still have the chance to sink. Happened to me a few times.

That it has happened to you does not make it right.

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I dont think you really get whats going on. The ship isnt sinking only reason it went down was because the crew left.

And btw is “SinisterIsRandom” like your alt account or something? Since that account has like half an hour playtime in naval and never played single battleship…

I think yes it might been midway. But I was no were near the shallow waters near the island.

Tbf this is only ship this has ever happend to me so maybe its only problem with this battleship?

Do you think I’m ever gonna play Naval? In a Battleship. Knowing a majority of what I’d be fighting are bots. Knowing that the Naval gamemode itself is in beta to the early alpha stage of feel. Also using my stats isn’t gonna prove much.

There are some shallows a long way from the island. Nothing marks them and, as they’re not close to any landmarks, it’s hard to say exactly where they are. Roughly in the middle and not too far from the spawn areas. Not sure if there are shallows on both sides of the map or just one. Not a huge area either, as most games you can sail around and never notice shallow water, but I have been surprised by shallows on that map at least once. Possibly ships smaller than a BB would be unaffected, hence not noticing most times?

The red, “You will leave the ship in XX” leads me to think you may have run aground and everything else that happened just happened to occur at the same time.

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Almost every game I play in primetime US is full, and even at like 3am the majority of my games only have 1-2 bots.


Bruh why do you then say “The game while it does have a simplistic system, Naval doesn’t entirely. For Water Pumping, even if you manage to fix the holes you still have the chance to sink. Happened to me a few times.” - if you dont play naval and never played battleships then how say could it happend to you? You just argue about something you have no knowlage or experience with and gets angry about it when tell you what actually happend in contrary to what you think happend.

I did not really notice any drag like when you get to shallow water. I think the game just did not recognize that the ship isn’t in danger anymore and that the damage has been fixed. But we can agree on that its not something that should happend to completely fine and operational ship like this. Still could be easily fixed by letting crew leaving begin controlled by the player and not automated so it makes mistakes like this.