Reason why people do not play naval (one of many):

Why are they leaving the ship damn it? Its all at 50% and crew just say “screw this I am out”. And then are devs suprised nobody plays or like naval. This is just serious flaw in the game design when crew just leaves battleship that is at 50% and then cost 30 000 to repair.

(I wasnt even hit by any torpedo or anything those are just from few shells and its unable to pump it out and it just tilts a bit and crew just leaves. Not even speeding like when you can drown when tilting fast destroyers all the way to the side while this is barely tilted at all.)


This is very unrealistic, at least in the US navy at the time, you could have been court martialed for ordering abandon ship on a possibly salvageable ship

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Its even more unrealistic for nation this battleship belongs to. Since japanese usally fought to the last man and captains went with the ship. I have no clue why they in game leave perfectly fine ship that is at 50% of everything.


I wonder if if there will be a yamato it will be an option, flooding the compartments, I will answer no

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My reason is that I can’t find games. I’ve only played a few rounds of naval so I only have the reserve boats and it looks like no one is playing at that BR anymore.


No one playing naval??
Not true, ships are my preferred mode as well as of other members of my squadron and I travel the seas every single day.

Nevertheless, the numerous connection losses with the server during the battles are quite a pain…


In this scenario, it’s obvious that there is an unrepairable breach as indicated by the fact that breach repair is unavailable (greyed out). This ship is listing so much it can’t use any of its batteries and will not be able to for the rest of the match. That’s why they left the ship.

As far as your assertion that people don’t play naval, that’s provably false.

Also, with a premium account, you cannot lose money on ship repairs, so the better decision in this case is to leave a ship that will have a DPS of 0 for the rest of the match and jump into one that can have a positive effect on the team.


did you miss this message?

It’s a bit more than “tilting a bit” when your deck is awash and you can’t repair flotation damage!!

I note that you didn’t post a video showing how you got to that situation…


but repairing massive damage in seconds is fine??


Never claimed it was

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Never said you did - but complaining about 1 “unrealistic” thing when the discussion encompasses at least 3 of them definitely fits the picture!

I can’t wait for the next update. War Thunder: Salvage and Court Marshal wherein you have to wait in your damaged ship, supervise the offloading of wounded sailors to a hospital ship, wait days or weeks for a tug, write letters to the families of the dead, fill out reams of paperwork, and then go through the court marshal process. That would make for some compelling gameplay.


Thats not true at all. I could shoot just fine. Even with the back batteries only there were currently no targets to shoot at. I see ships operating at like 20% water and less than 10 % crew this is only 50% so wtf. Its like if half of bomber crew died and pilots just went “srew this I am out”. Where is that warthunder saying that crew fight to the last breath?

No it was not critical. I did not get any more water in nor was I unable to fire or continued to tilt. And I dont make videos of the game or have replay to get to as its quite a while ago. I dont see it neccery as sane person see the problem there is with the game design.

Several reasons that come to mind when people lose interest to naval:
-all coastal ships are treated equally in terms of locations on large maps, and sometimes you will have a slow coastal in a tech tree that you cannot avoid, and it will take ages to reach an enemy just to lose the ship the next second.
-coastal have inconsistent damage models and damage, for example at 2.3 you face Liscomb/Brantford, that just absorb any machine gun and autocannon fire without much consequences to them, and people just starting to play, when they reach 1.3 BR, they have nasty surprise waiting for them. Or an M-802, that can waste almost any real coastal (not SKR type), on any BR.
-BR decompression is needed, there is just huge differences in firepower, a 2.3 ship wrecks any coastal below without a chance, a 3.0 ship wrecks any coastal below, and so on.
-There is no point in progressing coastal higher than 3.3 BR, since there is an abundance of Destroyers and Cruisers, and lots of empty maps, where coastal can’t hide or fight a Destroyer.


Water flooding every compartment: “aight Im gonna just wait till you repair those breaches, no worries” lol


Breh fr? 1. its not "critical buoyancy 2. no flooding - its literally getting pumped out 3. they just bloody leave their ship anyway.


Also why cropping? Show us the damage model lol

We’ve already gone over this exhaustively. If you don’t like the mechanic, submit a report.

“Reason why people do not play naval”

Because most people like stupid & ugly things like tanks …