Reason why people do not play naval (one of many):

The damage has been fixed - 61 seconds to pump out - why wouldn’t they wait the 61 seconds?

Perhaps they did… I’ve had the “you will leave the ship” message disappear as flooding is pumped out…showing the next 5 seconds of the game might be informative…

Next 5 second is the ship going down damn it! You need screen of that too? I still can find the replay but If I say they leaving and complain about it then obviously they did leave the ship. If I they did not I would not be complaining.

Yes please.

But in any case you should make a bug report.

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Fought to the last man yet have had many times abandoned ship. Also in your cropped pictures it’s clear that a quarter of the ship is submerged. I’d recommend learning what reality is cause reality dictates that if water fails to be pumped out faster than the ship is being filled up then that system has failed. Next is to seal the hatches however if those get filled with water, at that point the ship is lost. Either with all hands or the order for the crew to abandon the ship.

Bruh get your eyes checked. Only not visible part in the screen is the very tip of the stern of the ship. Literaly no part of the ship is submerged nor there is any new water getting in. Its literaly getting pumped out and would be completly fine if they did not leave the ship for no reason.

the close bombs exlosions to the ship :
Holes fixed:

Seconds before they leave(clearly nothing is under water just a slight tilt not critical which would be completly fixed if they waited):

And seconds after they leave to prove they clearly did not wait for the water to get pumped out and just left.

There is your damage model clown ^

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this seems more of a suggestion than report as it is clearly out of historical context

It seems very disappointing as Gaijin already shows ‘more realistic’ flood DM on Marat and Kommuna and just leave them away for newer ships


Yes, I apologize if you think I meant a bug report. I was referring to feedback. I don’t think anyone will listen, because his case is ridiculous.

A massive list is not a “slight tilt.”

It is slight tilt. Would have been fixed completly if they waited for the water to get pumped out as there is no new water getting in and tilt getting fixed. You are just begin ridiculous.

Just making sure you actually understand the picutures. Those are two completly separate cases. Both of which were fully operational ships. 1st has unrepairable breah so its has permanent water in but 2nd case is getting the water out from completly sealed ship but the crew just leaves. None of them keeps getting new water or continues to tilt.

Why don’t you check the number of naval games I’ve played, and them ask me again if I understand the game mechanics.

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I dont ask you if you understand the disfuncional game mechanic/bug but something completely different. Moust what you said about that case was incorrect (like saying none of the batteries are usable, or that it continues to tilt etc.) and commenting on the bug by “oh just leave the ship and get premium” Is the game paying you to say that or something? I just want the crew to leave the battleshipship when I tell them to and not leave a battleship that is 100% operational and isnt sinking. Why so that destroyers or some other ships can go just fine with 10% water and crew with a massive list? And on the other hand leave this completely fine ships for no reason?

“oh just leave the ship and get premium”
I didn’t say that. I said you aren’t doing your team any good staying in a ship that isn’t doing any DPS. I said you should spawn again in a working ship. If you are going to put words in my mouth, you can just talk to yourself.

It’s not a “bug” so reporting it as such will not do any good. If you don’t like the mechanic, then go to the suggestions thread and submit a suggestion to change it. Arguing about it here will do absolutely nothing.

It seems you are the only one on the thread who has problems with this mechanic. If your ship has a list that severe, you are going to be unable to fire at anything on one side of the ships, and you are going to be unable to fire at ships on the other side that are not extremely far away due to the angle of the guns.

You leave the ship because it isn’t providing any benefit to you or your team at that point. You jump in another ship that is fully functional and continue the match.

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Both of those ships were fully functional. And were fully capable of firing at any of the ships in sight (even if they could not fire at their maximum range - which I haven’t tested that does not give crew reason to leave the ship) and in second case there would not be any tilt at all if the crew just waited that 1 min for the water to get pumped out. You are again making wrong assumptions about scenario you don’t seem to figure out yet and ship you have never played before. And no, there are a lot of ppl that agrees with me so I am not the only one here. Maybe its only just the case with japanese battleships as some kind of nerf as the shells too are doing a lot less damage ever since like 3-4 uplates back and when I see other battleships they are not planing on leaving their 10% above water ships any time soon from time to time.

Are the people that agree with you just not speaking up? There hasn’t been a single person that has agreed with you on this forum. This is the mechanic. If you don’t like it, lobby for it to be changed. However, complaining about it on here will change nothing. I’m not going to waste any more time explaining ballistics of listing ships. It seems you don’t have a very good command of the language, so there in no point in continuing. Good luck getting the changes you want. I have to mute you now for my own sanity.


Too bad there is no % value of how much ship is under water. Probably much of it is filled up, ship is heavily listing and pumps cannot do their job fast enough which results in complete turnover shortly after.

You just copeing with reality atm buddy

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Again the ship was sligtly listed not listing and as no new water is getting in and the list was very much getting better with more water pumped out. Pumps would just take all the water out if the crew waited. None of the damage made it turn over. The ship turned over only because and after the crew left for literally no reason. The ship was pretty much unharmed, all the holes fixed, fully operational only problem was that the crew left for while they needed to wait for mere 1 min and the ship would have no water at all and there wasnt even any unrepairable breach.

You know repeating the same stuff isn’t going to make us change our minds. It only gives us more fuel to keep laughing and continue walking.

Oh, and responding to me isn’t going to help your claim either. It only makes you look worse and more immature.

Update the person tried to report this comment.