Rear View Camera on Tanks

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Would you like a Rear View Camera on all vehicle?
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Hello all,

Today I would like to suggest a Rear View Camera as a function in the game. Yes, I’m talking about those fancy cameras in your car that helps you back up.

In real life, MBT of multiple nations have such functions or planning on adding them. It grants drivers the ability to see whats behind them without needing the commander to pop their head out to see where they were heading. Furthermore decreasing the chances of crew casuality from open hatch, or poor visibility due to navigating from the periscope.


This is from my assembly instruction of a Tamiya Leo 2A5 plastic model kit.

As you can see, on the left hand side, it states “Rearview Camera”. So we can see from here the Leo 2A5 atleast has it.


This is a picture of a Leopard 2A6M, you can see the little camera box in the center, right above the rear grill. That is the same one that is also present on the 2A5.


This is also modeled in-game for both 2A5 and 2A6. But currently has no functionality.

In Game Application

During a heated battle, and you want to reverse out of the situation. You don’t really want to look back to where you are heading. What are the chances the enemy pushes out when you are trying to retreat. I have numerous times where I get stuck in a rubble or go up a hill, and end up putting myself in a worse situation than where I started from. 832252083_shot2022_05_1123_48_18.jpg.7a1

So my Proposal is to add a Rear View Camera in the similar places (or different location) as to the hit camera. But it will only proc when you press “S” (or what ever your reverse button is set to) 1173896717_shot2022_05_1123_48.31(1).jpg

This will help the player to be able to look at the enemy, while being able to perfectly navigate through rubbles, mounts, or other tanks corpses that are blocking the way of retreat.

I think this can be too powerful if every tank has this option (like at 3.0), so I would prefer it to be limited to vehicles that has this function available. Similiar to how we have commander override in-game.

Thank you for reading my suggestion.


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.