Reality and honor

requests the removal of Allied machines in the Axis forces from simulation battles, e.g. M18 M26 M4 Sherma, etc.
because it is without honor and breaks the rules of fun and violates the Geneva Conventions.
I would like this motion to pass and make the simulation battles better and Italian and Japanese machines be sent to the Allied forces where they belong in the simulation battles


Buddy, what level of delusion are you on?


I recently tried a SB Match out again and got matched against Germany.

Fun when an Ally spawned into the French Panther and even had German decals on it. Luckily i didn’t kill him and realized somethings fishy…but was quite confusing

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playing like this is without honor and very rude because such an Italian m18 can be misleading and the division of battles like this will be more enjoyable and more fun to play

even more so something like this should be removed because the poor Germanmain won’t know who is who

Simulation isn’t historical battles.
Realism isn’t history revisited.

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Simulation battles are supposed to be fun and enjoyable
not that some guy in the Italian M18 will cover his markings and cannot be recognized

A game is not real life. War Thunder is first a foremost a game and trying to balance a game matters.

Also, what is this you’re going on about related to honor? What does honor have to do with anything? How is that relevant?

Honor foesnt apply to video games. Nor geneva convention lol. Please go outside

Hit R [or whatever your rangefinder key is] on your keyboard when hovering over a tank and it’ll tell you if it’s a friendly.

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A valid request, I would not stop with the WW2, also ROC or GDR vehicles needs to be moved to opposite rosters.

It would improve immersion and game play alike.

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Should we tell him about irl captured vehicles?

Geneva Convention doesn’t apply to warthunder since no one is dying. People get knocked out instead of dying.

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I just realized that they mentioned the geneva conventions I didn’t see that before. that is absolutely hysterical lmao


What is your definition of honor?

It’s never a war crime the first time.

Its a Game anyway - even through they do seem to be people who want to bring this nonsense into Video Games.

Honour in WT, heck in video games in general - what a massive level of delusion must be had to think it is at all important!

tier 8 premium delusion