Realistic tracks behavior?

I’m sure WT could implements realistic tracks behavior too. What do you guys think ?

They have realistic tracks, it’s an options in settings, for since I started playing. It’s working suspension and tracks, do you not have it turned on?

Dynamically being damaged and rolling off the sprocket or idler would be a welcome addition however. Maybe also a specific track indention textures too.

no, physics wise they are only wheels with traction in front I think, so mobility is quite a bit worse, than with actual tracks, since every piece of track interacts with the ground, has traction and can propell the tank forward, unlike in game.

Edit: yes, visually the suspension etc is with individual whells, so perfectly fine there.

Ye i have it turned on but tracks doesnt not even seem to swing with suspension. Imo track phyisic in WT is poor

You certainly dont want that in the game.You want to play and shoot not spend the game waiting for a recovery vehicle.

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The entire transmission modelling and related systems are pretty poor quality really.

It’s quite shocking we don’t have regenerative steering, it would make such a huge difference to so many tanks, but 🤷‍♂️


Tracks are usually modelled in two ways. One is the spline track and other one is just the road wheels working as the track and the tracks are just animated to look like as if they are working. Spline tracks are a bit difficult to code but they perform quite realistically. I believe warthunder uses the road wheel method but with damage model for the tracks.

The entire physics behavior is a Joke like in WoT and is for the Balance purpose only tanks that can’t climb and many other behaviors wheeled light tanks that Tokyo Drift and if hit something cryt dmg the wheels is total BS

Did you notice if you put 1 of your side tracks on Rock you can’t aim because of crosshair jumping up and down just LOL