Realistic reloading and control of the tank in case of loss of part of the crew

Greetings, dear players!

I want to raise an interesting topic and perhaps get an answer to my question. I drew attention to several features regarding ground vehicles in the game, which may seem strange in the context of the desire to simulate reality.

For example, the introduction of a mechanic that requires the commander to first enable backup for firing in the event that the gunner has lost consciousness looks like a positive step in the simulation. However, why are tanks with a loader, like the Abrams or Leopard, capable of reloading, aiming a gun and moving with two crew members at the same time?

Why, during the reloading process, can tanks raise and lower the gun, as at this moment the loader reloads the gun? It seems to me that you need to block the gun when reloading, or reset it. In reality, Leopard gunners raise the gun to simplify the reloading process, why not implement a similar mechanic in the game?

I also draw attention to the high rotation speed of the turret on tanks of the Western school. Why can a tank, moving at a speed of 60-70 km/h over potholes and rough terrain, rotate its turret without increasing the reload time? The loader is in levitation mode and stabilized along all axes? In addition, the player can manipulate the tank’s barrel without affecting the reloading process, and this is all while moving, even with 2 crew members instead of 4.

I also propose to consider the possibility of implementing an automatic loader (AL), given that in tanks with an AL, the gun is also leveled after firing for subsequent reloading.

It seems strange to me that a shell hitting the side of a tank simply flies under the gunner, and nothing happens, is the gunner sitting in the air? Why do the fragments disappear and not ricochet again inside the tank?
Why does the loader reload like an AL? Why not make a discrepancy for each shot in time, for example, an inexperienced loader would reload each time with a spread of ±20%, and an experienced one would allow ±5% in time, a person is not a machine, and he cannot load each shot in 5 seconds, besides, after 20 shots, he may get tired (especially considering that the tank flies 70 km/h, turns the turret in all directions, jumps, gets damaged, burns, and in general there are only 2 crew members) why not increase the reload time after 20 shots?
Why might a crowbar, if pierced and hit directly in the chest, not kill a crew member?
How about introducing a transplant mechanic? For example, there are 2 crew members left, the gunner needs to move to the loader’s place, because sitting in his corner he cannot reload the gun, and then sit back in his place and aim the gun, while the driver could continue to control the tank. Then 1 crew member, in tanks with 3 of them, could continue to operate the vehicle using the same principle.
I would be grateful for your attention and discussion of this topic.
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I personally love this idea but im more into this game becoming less ”arcadey” but tons of players will 100% want your head just for suggesting the idea. So i 100% love the idea want it implemented


This is funny, it would essentialy mean a giant nerf in firepower for NATO vehicles without autoloaders.

In reference to the M1A1 series, as that is the tank I have operated at all crew positions. Loading the gun while the tank is moving, traversing, turret traverse and elevation isn’t really all that hard. The loader has the option to place the gun in elevation uncouple which stops gun elevation/depression, while the gunner can continue to scan for targets, lase and prepare to fire as soon as the gun is loaded and armed by the loader. When el uncouple is switch off the gun realigns with the gunners sight. It doesn’t level the gun and after loading the gun may only need to move a short distance to align, it aligns realistically much quicker than vertical guidance times in game. Fractions of a second.

There are guards in place that the loader can use to stabilize himself during loading while on the move. All crewmembers all have seats as well as hand holds and guards to ensure steadiness during rough travel and prevent injury from gun recoil, It does have to be severe terrain as the suspension system takes up most of the unevenness. A tank is a very smooth tide in terms of terrain conditions.

In a combat situation that could require a 2 man operation the commander position and the drivers position would be manned not the gunners position as the game does. The commander has access to all switches and full control of the FCS with the commanders override. It would be slow but not impossible for a commander to load the gun, arm it then move back to the TC position to scan, acquire, and engage targets. This would be in the case of an abnormal condition while in contact with enemy forces were not doing so would result in further losses. Doing normal combat you would never move to initiate contact, I.E. spawn into the game battle, with less than three crewmembers, the TC, loader, driver as less than 3 crew is considered combat ineffective.

The reload time now for the M1A1 series is a fairly accurate representation of sustained fire. The first 5 to 8 shots would be much quicker, most loaders can load rounds in around 3 to 3.5 seconds for the first few rounds. Getting tired from loading isn’t really the issue realistically, it is identifying the correct ammunition type to load and where the ammo is in the ready rack. An example from my experience as a loader on an M1A1in 2005 my tank carried M829A2, M830, M830A1 and M1028 in the ready rack. I could only keep 8 rounds in what we call the sweet spot, those were the easiest and quickest to pull from the ready rack and load, after that manipulation of the rack was needed and time to identify the correct ammo type to pull.

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