Realistic optics light transmission

This is what a player currenty sees when looking through his tank’s optics:


The view is restricted and magnified, but essentially unchanged from the third person view.

This is very unrealistic. Tank optics are made of several lenses and mirrors that conduct light from external aperture to gunner’s eye and at every interface some of the light gets lost in transit through absorbtion or reflection. As a result the image gets dimmer and less distinct.

This is what it would look like:


This is the main reason why ww2 german optics were considered superior to those of other nations, and not because of their fancy rotating reticles.

There can be several levels of “optics quality” in the game for different time periods. More modern vehicles will generally have better sights.

Because this feature will put players who enable it at some disadvantage, it will need to be always enabled in Ground SB. In other modes it can be optional, like the “Gunner’s Sight” option.

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It’d be cool if they did this, not holding my breath though.

I think this is a really good idea. Make a suggestion for it!