Hello everyone. Some time ago, the option to choose between: Realistic NIGHT Ground Battles and Realistic DAY Battles was added. Option that exists only on ground… that is why I come with the proposal that this option exists in Realistic Air Battles, since, having almost 100% confirmed the arrival of ARH guidance missiles, I could give it a new facing Top Tier. In addition, it opens the possibility of adding new physics to the vehicles, such as the airplane’s own lights, to name an example. Likewise, it would give us an air combat scenario where we can see the illumination of the flares, the rocket motor of the missiles, the lighting of the cabins, the firing of ground units, a real appreciation of the runway, etc.


This would be nice. And on a related note, I really want night battles at WWII BRs.

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I would absolutely love to see night battles return to Air RB. There was a time when you would get them here and there. But it’s been a few years since I’ve had one that wasn’t a custom match. Which is unfortunate. With the additions of modern radar, nvg’s, and radar missiles. I believe night battles could be a lot more fun.

There was recently a suggestion (with poll) for night battles in Air RB:

the concept is great but the actual game play wouldn’t be as fun. higher br’s have night vision and radar would basically just having you playing a green tinted day game as everyone would still hug the ground.

It’s like everyone forgot the terrible night battles we had in ARB and the reason they were removed.

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even with low BR battles night Air RB would definitely pop off same with ground RB and Naval