Re-joining game

can someone tell me what the hell is wrong with the rotation im spending more time looking at that tank going round than playing the game .yet again joining the game is rubbish.
Im getting sick and tired of spending more time waiting to join a bloody game than playing the thing .Out of 20 game booster i got 3 games from 9 pm tonight trying to get in every night since the last update the ability to join games has drastically gone down hill ,this is now getting beyond a joke gajin would soon moan if players started going elsewhere

IDK about arcade match making personally.
I just know the realistic match making is fast.

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cant play RB due to eye sight so arcade is the only one but surely someone could take the time to fix the bloody thing instead of having us wasting our time not theirs trying to play it. The truth is no one gives a damn as long as we keep longing for the shiny trinkets they keep wanting us to buy and so we’ll not notice the game going to the dogs

I hear that the higher BR arcade matches have less players, which would cause slower match making.
You might be stuck playing more popular arcade BRs if you want fast matchmaking.

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the servers the problem it cant cope hasnt been for years now to much added not enough done to manage the amount it attracts

I don’t know what level you play but I assure you that between 8 and 10.3 is almost instantaneous.

What BR of arcade are you playing? If you’re not worried about ping as much, you cpuld enable every server type so the player pool is higher for matchmaking.

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i am working through each nation br by br to get the in game camos and at the moment I’m on Germany 3.0

Well it doesn’t seem very normal, I would check the configuration. I haven’t played 3.0 for a long time but Arcade between 6.3 and 10.3 is practically instantaneous. That’s for sure.

that is a rant not a post and its hard to know what you are on about

not a rant just that i dont get after every update the server is slow to let you join a game i lost a 20 game booster got 3 games after that i was waiting on a off for 15 mins or more by then it was too late

Maybe it is declining numbers

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could be i guess

You need to provide some reason for the issue…matchmaking is very fast for me. Arcade, around BR7 or so…from 6 to 8 usually.
In arcade there is no nation matchup so it should depend on server and BR only…are you on a odd place, using a distant server? As lower BRs are even faster i am not sure what the issue might be…some odd day or hour?