RB Low Br Bombers

Anyone else absolutely despises bombers in RB Low br gajin should nerf the bombs they are to op

The issue is with “1 ARB to rule them all” They need to work on creating ARB/ASB versions for different BRs. At the moment a bomber at a low BR can do a lot of damage, but an equivalent bomber at higher BR can’t do as much and so there is this wierd point where bombers at low BR are OP because things have been tweaked for bombers at higher BRs.

At least that is how I understand it.

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Gajin should nerf the bombs that they carry because i ragequit all the time when i see a bomb landing centimetes away from me and exploding in 0.1sec

Try it yourself before making one sided opinions (you still might feel the same after of course).

When you drop 2 x 1000lb bombs 1m in front of an ISU-*** and all it does is track it (not even the cannon touched) you will see how inconsistent the reality is. Other extreme is a random shot of a lowish pen cannon (air) happens to hit ammo and a tank goes up in one hit.

Best thing to do in GFRB to stop bombs dropping is shoot them down. If enemy can get into a bomber then does it not make sense to prempt with a fighter up (CAP) and shoot it down? Team game requires team effort!

Low BR bombers are slow, big, and fragile (though some need decent armour piercing like the ILs as can soak up whole belts of small calibre unless hitting from the right angle).

If you ragequit after 300 battles ( I hit level 100 before moving from AB to the mote tactical RB) due to aircraft you really need to see aircraft are part of the ground modes (AirRB even has AI ground, PvE modes have AI planes, it’s in every single option and is what defines WT along with the damage models).

Most pilots early on using CAS are not hard to counter and in part becomes a “problem” because players do not learn to react/expect the aerial flank and allows a strong tool to become OP; a plane plumeting to the ground with a dead pilot (asleep, it’s WT) does very little and just cost a player 500+ Spawn points.

Also it is handy to learn how to not huddle but still cover one another. Nothing I enjoy more than chadding a 3.0 light with fast rate of fire amongst a large group of tunnel vision tanks and killing big boys like KTs, Jumbos, T29Es, etc etc. because they are all mushed together closing down their options to cover one another.

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That is not inconsistant i have seen only once that a bomb would not kill me but i am not a plane player so i have only the expierience from tanks

There is only a WT player, choosing to play the mode is on the player. If you have not tried a vehicle it is easy to make incorrect assumptions. And often plane users DO get an easy ride as they are left to do the damage unchecked; team issue.

Just accept game has aircraft, they already been nerfed (or corrected) to help cope. I don’t like war or the military but I still play tanks and aircraft!

Big bombs (Pe-8, lanc, He-111) are a bit silly, yes. But in the scheme of things they are memes; mostly they achieve sod all.

It’s a viscious circle if aircraft are not understood.

(I had the advantage of not caring, playing ABAF originally before ABGF, then a lot later RBGF (I had planes and tanks spaded for proper use, back with much higher spawn costs and more brutal RBGF) and finally RBAF (and a year of Naval AB when it came out).

Of course you will like what you like, but be aware of the consequences (it’s not just on you as it IS a team game, even if flawed and full of solo padders).

And of course this is my OPINION and 1000s of different ones exist.

It can be a very addictive game due to the “grind” model. Don’t get caught out like me at almost 6000 hours and repeatedly quiting and coming back.

I understand that it is a team game but when i get killed repeatedly with a bomber it is just flustraiting i know i rant about BS but that i just how i feel it

We all do I am sure. But in an ideal world your team would have a counter and these bigger bombers would be less an issue, ideally.

And it is very easy to fall into the solo-play/abandon team mode of play as it is in a way easier (though you are against players who learnt to do this 10s of thousands of battles ago).