RB battles need to be completely mixed

Guys, I’m the only one who thinks that realistic battles should be completely mixed? honestly I’m tired of not finding games with friends because some nations can’t play together.
everyone has their own tastes and I don’t understand why we have to choose to play certain nations in order to play together.
If I wanted to have an axis against the allies I would play the simulations


Sorry, what nations cannot mix in RB? They removed the locks over 2 years ago.

And no, mixed is not needed in RB in my opinion.


If you play solitaire it’s normal that you don’t feel this need

Hard disagree. It’s only hard to find an MM solution if you’re running three different countries in the same squad now. No biggie. If anything they should extend it to other RB modes like naval. It’s more immersive and changes up tactics depending on who’s on who’s side.


yeah uuhm dont play together then cuz purly mixed battles is gonna become arcade plus then you meet your own tank and destroys the purpose of having fast vehicle heavy armored good gun and generally you can meet your own country like two planes with the exact same prefomance its the uniqie cabebility of vehicles that make them good

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This would be one of the worst updates to happen to realistic battles they could do.


As you said:

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Arent they already for couple of years now?

No I couldn’t agree less. I would rather wait and just have two opposing sides If I could. At least I would have a vague Idea of what I might be facing.


unfortunately my friends and I have completely different tastes when it comes to tanks, for example America, Germany, Italy, English.
matches like this can happen but they are extremely rare, sometimes we even wait for 5 minutes.
clearly there are worse pairings but this is enough to die waiting for the start of a match

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sni but they rarely happen and not with the nation I was interested in playing…

I understand/ So many want so many different things from the game.


Ive played mixed, even seen nation v same nation

Iirc not only nations picked influence your waiting time, but squads as well. For example, when you have 4 people in squad, the game will try to find a game where similar squad exists in the enemy team.

I mean you can play USA, Russia, and Germany all in one squad together, however you’ll be stuck in constant 6-8 minute queue times, and probably will be forcing some other players into queues that long too, before the game forces an all v all.

Technically I think there are some BRs where it would improve gameplay to have only all v alls (mainly top tier ground, since gaijin seems apparently incapable of making it balanced and not having one nation or another be absurdly OP for no reason) but I do admit those mixed games can be a fair bit less fun in the long run.

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If you want mixed battles go play Arcade.


Also expand on that friends list, and even make a chat room to create squads in those proper nations you are looking to unlock.

Maybe it’s for you but my friends aren’t the random guys you catch in the lobbies that you pick up and throw away at will, but ok

I don’t think it’s comparable, let’s say the terms don’t match

I’m half deaf, so I struggle to hear enemies anyway, but in mixed battles I can’t discern the sounds of anything since they’re all mixed.

Plus national flavour is lost. Just like what C+P does.

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