RB 75 Missile bug lock AJ37/AJS37/Grippen

It is pretty weird. You’ll have to keep using the mode until theres a bug fix.

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Hey, did you ever create an bug report on that one?

Not yet im discussion this issue with Smin.

All tv guided missel have a bug atm…

Maverick D’s on F-16C doesnt have this problem.

İ can easily launch to them from 14km distance without activating secondary weapon mode.

Kh29t/te, kh38mt, rb75/agm65a have same problem

Currently grinding those weapons, if they have same issue i will also talk about it with Smin.

General bug report might be required in that case.

we make a report with this issue few days ago… nobody cares that…

İf this issue effects more then certain weapon systems then they should take it more seriously.

After i get answers i will inform.

K29t/te can track when the missle step overt the 13km. now just can track under 6km…
kh38mt can track when step over the 16km range… and now just under 10km…
kh38mt/ml sometimes gone “anti sattelite mode” fly up the space (reason: not tracking)
This is not a small problem imo

Never Said it was.

A weapon system should perform according to its specs, if it doesnt then it needs to get fixed.

i know iknow just pretty fustrating when they release the update with new weapon system and almost all tv guided agm get stroke xd
i have lot of video with this issue but im not at home so i cant share that atm

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