RB 75 Missile bug lock AJ37/AJS37/Grippen

RB 75 will at times lock onto terrain near the target rather than the target itself. Issue is most persistent against moving targets. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dC-by2a0PSc )
After several tests, i noticed that the missile doesn’t track moving targets if it’s locked more than 3 kilometers away.

That’s because that’s about the maximum tracking range for the RB 75 against tank sized targets. Its not a bug. Outside of that, it locks the ground.

But when the launched missile gets closer, it can capture tanks in its crosshair and start tracking them.

Its the same system for all TV guided missiles and bombs, but more advanced ones have better seekers that can track at longer distances. The RB 75 is just one of the most basic ones, its the Swedish name for the AGM 65B (edit the 65A, typo).

But the agm65b can lock on from longer right? At least when testing in the a10a I observed that. If they are the same then the rb75 should be updated to track from around 3-5 miles

I made a typo sorry, the RB 75 is the AGM-65A, not the 65B.

Ah ok mb

My fault, I should have double checked what I’d typed.

On test drive it can easily track any target from 10-14km’s.

Either they should revert this change or Swedish Gripen should recieve better Mavericks.

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Explained it above.

There’s nothing to revert, the locking range is tied to the seeker FOV and the size of the target. Its how the mechanic works.

Buffing the RB 75 would mean buffing every TV guided missile.

Make a suggestion then.

You didnt explained how is it possible to lock on to targets from 14km in test drive but not in ground rb.

This mechanic wasnt even a thing for JAS39A before the uptade, you seriously have no idea what you’re talking about.

İ would rather hear proper explanation for this first.

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I did.

It only locks the ground outside of ~3km, and when it gets inside that range, it captures any tank near its crosshair and starts tracking it.

If the target has moved too far away before that happens, it still tracks the ground.

Mate, this mechanic has been like this effectively unchanged for years. From memory, they consolidated the mechanic a short time after Update ‘Danger Zone’, back in 2022. After that, pretty much unchanged.

Long before the JAS39A was even thought about being added.

Do you not understand? İ stated two times already that Rb75 doesnt lock onto anything from 3+km, even to ground.

This mechanic wasnt even a issue for Gripen before, ever since Gripen added i exclusively used in ground rb and my Mavericks was always locking and tracking targets from 14km’s.

Except it does, it locks the ground. Which I already told you.

No, you were locking the ground and they started tracking when they got within 3km. You’re just misremembering.

The handy part about the Gripen is it has a targeting pod, and the pod will tell you if the missile has locked the ground or target.

In the top left, left of the missile name.

AGM POINT = locked the ground

AGM TRACK = locked the target

Always been that way for the Gripen, same as every other TV/IR AGM.

Sure whatever.

Then explain to me why does Mavericks stopped lock on to anything in ground rb then? Even with targeting pod it refuses to lock on to anything, including to ground.

They still do, unless its night time, because TV missiles need good lighting conditions.

They dont.

With this uptade Rb75’s doesnt lock onto anything beyond 3km’s even in day sight.

Considering im only playing normal mode your claim doesnt represent the truth.

Any proof?

Sure let me get some clips, i’l be back shortly.

Well, I just ran a couple of matches with the RB 75’s on the AJ37 and they worked perfectly fine, as expected.

İ just got my clips and turns out your claim is not true, currently uploading to youtube right now once im finished i will share shortly.



Locked and tracked as expected. Although that second one, the missiles unfortunately swapped to dead targets, which again, is expected behaviour when targets are close to each other. Didn’t expect them to hit, just wanted to test the locking behaviour.