RB 75 Missile bug lock AJ37/AJS37/Grippen

İ dont care if its working on AJ37 or not cause thats not the point.

Point is its not working on Gripen until you get into 3km zone even with targeting pod.

Its the same missile. Unless there’s some unexplained bug with the Gripen’s targeting pod that changes the missile behaviour. Either that or the always common user-error.

Thats what im suspecting.

İ have more then enough experience to use Mavericks, nice try tho.

You said they tracked at 14km, hilariously untrue, so I’ll hold my breath on that one.

Well if its up to you entire discussion is based on lie which something that makes laugh.

Hope you’re ready to admit your wrong tho, btw would you like to wait 30 mins for hd version or you’re fine with sd resolution?

Mate, its just not that important.

İ just wanna make sure since some people loves to use low res an excuse for not to admit their mistakes.

İf its fine for you then im gonna share now.

Man, this would have been so much quicker if you’d just posted the server replay

Is it now or not?


Here, this is from Test Drive.

First Fail.

Second fail.

And this is the final clip that shows mavericks only works in 3km range.

Now i would like to hear your explanation for this.

No idea.

Out of curiosity, Try swapping to the TV view, see if it works from there.

Might be worth making a bug report, Gaijin would be able to look at your log files to see exactly what is happening.

Against actual players who’s using Pantsir? That would be suicide considering even with targeting pod you have very small window to fire Mavericks, tho i will try tomorrow.

İ believe it has something to do with targeting pod, after i test again İ’ll let you know.

Ok, so I rushed down the last couple of mods for the Gripen’s RB 75’s to test myself with the TGP. And it seems to be working fine on my end.


The behaviour between test drive and ingame gameplay seems a bit different though.

In test drive, you activate the missile and it immediately goes into POINT mode (ie, ground lock), all good, hit the button again to fire.

But ingame it goes into an ACQ mode (acquisition I guess?). But if you hit the button again, it then goes into POINT mode, and then press again to fire.

I’ll give it a few more tests to be sure. Whether its supposed to do that or not, no idea, so there might still be a bug in there somewhere

edit - all done in the TGP view, not the TV missile view, but the server replays don’t show that for some reason.

Also, probably doesn’t make a difference, but I use the secondary weapon keybinds instead of the ‘fire air-to-ground missile’ keybind.

From some more tests, seems pretty consistent.


edit - also seems like its the same for other planes, not just the Gripen with the RB 75.

Yea thats the thing no matter how much i pressed the button it always stayed in ACQ mode.

Also in clips My Mavericks was always in searching mode, for some reason it becomes basically blind and cant see anything until you get in 3km distance.

İ had no issues with other planes, for example im also using my F-16C with Maverick loadouts and they work perfectly fine even from 14-15km’s.

İ can get some clips with F-16C and share it if you want.


İ tested with F-16C and as i expected i had no issues when it comes to using Mavericks, on the other hand Gripen still causing issues.

Try using the secondary loadout keybinds, see if that changes it.

“Fire Secondary Weapons”


“Switch Secondary Weapons”

I did notice some weirdness trying to spool up air-to-air missiles when not using the secondary loadout system, maybe there’s a connection.

Otherwise, I have no idea why it works for me and not for you.

Ok then i will try it, see if it works.

Ok i tested it and turns out if you activate secondary weapon mode Mavericks will fire without problem.

Still its a weird case tbh.

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