Razer Gold payment return to an error

I can’t pay with them. When I click confirm and buy, it redirects me to Razer website and I get the error.
a basic error asking to retry later.

Have you tried clearing cookings (+ site data) on both webpages?

It doesn’t work in Germany either. Very many have this problem! You click on Razer Gold in the payment method and then you get the “Your payment request could not be processed at this time. Please try again.”

The weird thing is that without beeing connected to razer gold it shows the bill and all.

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@Vonarian aka Ardeshir hey, how about fixing my bug report you commented on several days ago for the thermals? You’re the employee who commented on my report, and nothing has been done nor did you reply back to my reply to you. It’s been over a week and multiple people complaining about the issue but it’s still not fixed.

You requested more pics from me but my pics are fine and the same as the other people uploading pics. I’ve uploaded over 10 pics to show you exactly what is the problem. Everything is gray. I think that is your problem, you can’t see anything wrong because you’re looking at the tanks and can’t see them, because they are the same color as everything else. THAT’S the problem.

People are commenting here on the forum as well. Would you guys fix the thermals like they were before the update soon? It is unplayable with thermals at top tier. Why is it taking so long to fix, when 4 months ago in March we had the exact same bug and you all fixed it in a couple of days? And I’m following the exact same protocol I did 4 months ago that got that bug fixed, in a timely manner. Why not this time? It’s the exact same problem.

Will you guys fix it soon?? You are aware it’s a huge problem. Top tier is unplayable with thermals. Thermals we should always have on those vehicles because we’ve earned or paid our way to have those thermals!

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