Räumpanzer M48A2 C - I'm Keeping My Gun

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TL;DR: A German M48A2 C fitted with an M8 dozer blade.



The M48 Patton was a widely exported early American MBT, with over 6000 examples seeing service in foreign militaries. West Germany, in need of tanks, received a large number of M48s in the mid 1950s with many of them being M48A2s. Packaged with these tanks were M8 Dozer kits that allowed the M48s to assume engineering roles. The Bundeswehr did not initially mount these kits onto their M48s, at least, not in large numbers, however, with the arrival of the Leopard 2, this changed. The many M48s in the German arsenal now didn’t have much use and 52 M48A2s were retired into Homeland Security brigades and engineering units. These 52 units received the M8 Dozer kit and had all of their weapons removed as they now weren’t necessary. These vehicles were called Pionierpanzer M48A2 and served until the 1990s. That being said, at least one M48A2 C equipped with an M8 Dozer kit was shown to the public with its weapons maintained. In front of this vehicle was a sign with the text “Räumpanzer” or “Clear(ing) Tank”.

Place In War Thunder:

Germany doesn’t have too much when it comes to armed dozer tanks as many of their engineering vehicles were purpose built, meaning that they were specifically designed to fit the engineering role and nothing else. The Americans, on the other hand, while they did also service purpose built engineering vehicles, had special kits that would turn their MBTs into engineering vehicles. This means that Germany has less to offer when it comes up major update Ground Breaking’s new mechanics. The Räumpanzer M48A2 C would allow German players to readily experience the aforementioned mechanics.

This vehicle could be added in one of two ways:

1. As a modification. Currently, all vehicles with dozers have them as modifications. The Räumpanzer M48A2 C could be a modification for the in-game M48A2 C.

2. As a separate vehicle. As far as we know, the Räumpanzer M48A2 C is the only one of its kind as all other pictures of a German, dozer-equipped M48A2 C feature removed weapons. This means that this specific vehicle is unique.


Armament: 90mm M41 cannon, 1x .30 cal, and 1x .50 cal

Dimensions: 9.30m, 3.65m, 3.10m

Weight: 45010kg

Armor: Same as M48A2 C in-game with the exception of the dozer blade

Crew: 4

Ammunition: Same as M48A2 C in-game

Speed: 48kph

Horsepower: 825hp


Page from The M 48 Main Battle Tank in German Army Service:



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The M 48 Main Battle Tank in German Army Service by Verlag Jochen Vollert


Definitely more dozer tanks! It’s a shame only higher tiers have them and almost none have been added since the “Ground Breaking” update. Sure, the mechanic of digging hull-down positions wasn’t as popular as they might’ve believed, but the dozer blade can be useful as armor and still has the added utility of digging for those so inclined.

I think dozer variants can have interesting effects on the meta at lower tiers that would be fun to explore, especially as armor otherwise feels less and less relevant as the BR gets higher. This might, if nothing else, give an option for better protection by trading some mobility which can be desirable at times.

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Could even just be added as a modification to the regular M48A2C