Rather than selling premium for $70 Why don't they just expand the premium lineup and amp down the price?

Seriously, the complain that people have is the lack of lineups in top tier premium so people cannot build proper lineup. If that is the case then why should we have to be gimped this way? just release lineup worthy premiums in one singular tier across the tree, and with that the cost can be pushed down since people would definitely pay more for these “lineup oriented same tier and BR premium” than they are going to wait for sale and buy like one tank, one plane and helo.

Sell premium light tank, IFV, MBT and SPAA in one tier. don’t be afraid to exploit your customer more. just chill down on the goddamn price. 70 USD for barely performing plane is not worth it. make it 50 or 55.


Totally agree, it would completely solve the 1 death leaver problem. However sadly I think changing the price of already sold products so drastically might be illegal in some places and very problematic…

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Uhh, hell naw.
If anything they should make premiums as copies of tech tree stuff and not lock unique stuff behind paywalls. And up the price, sure the premiums decrease the grind but having a 90% nooblet team at top tier is a little toxic tbh.
(They would still one death leave becuz muh grind not good and boo hoo game bad ree inser bias)


The new top br premium are 103$ here in Canada, more than a new video game ^^


I’m sorry… did you say up the price?
Boi you realize how many games I can fricken buy with 75 bucks rather than a pixel tank/plane… just bc there’s a premium spam doesn’t mean that upping the price will either solve it, or be beneficial for the game. Its already ludicrously overpriced as is, and you want it to be worse?


If that’s too much then implement regional pricing. It is necessary considering how much the currency shift makes the game unplayable in a mere snap of a finger and the currency value shift is not a player controllable issue.

They would still one death leave becuz muh grind not good

Man…wait until they find out that the more you do in battle the more rewards you will get, especially when you win the battle. But they will never know that thanks to them playing WT like it is WoT

That’s on gaijin to maximize promotion toward buying the full lineup, not us. The way I see it Gaijin has been dogwater at communicating with it’s player that it is not funny.

I agree on Gaijin being shit at comunicating with players. Especialy what i saw from customer service. But im fully against full premium top tier line up. I already see a top tier premium players as lazy and one of the bigger part of collective of problems plague this game. If you want a top tier premium line up, why have a nornal TT vehicles? Why even play them. Just lock everythign behind paywall. That would be one of the worse thing ever, fully killing this game for 99% of players. The rest are just money whales that will buy anything gaijin put out.