we urgently need to reduce the amount of players in a lobby at rank VII/VIII AIR RB.
16v16 is simply way too many. It resembles a Call of Duty Shipment match with no respawns. The limit should be maximum of 8v8. It’s currently the most pressing issue along with BR compression.

16v16 would be fine only for a proper AIR RB EC.

AIR RB also needs an overhaul. It’s a 10 year old mode concieved in WT beta for WW1/WW2 planes in mind. What was the point of making bigger maps when you leave all the objectives crammed in the middle anyway? Furrball forms either way and the matche ends in 5-10 minutes. If not then the tickets run out. I would really like the reintroduction of 45 minute timer and revert the ticket bleed changes, just like it was 3-4 years ago.

Enemy markers, enemy distance, vehicle types and missile chevrons need to go. They should not be present at all. This is not arcade. The mode is called realistic mode and should be kept realistic.

Please Gaijin, stop the arcadification of AIR RB. There is a reason pilots flock to ground RB to fly planes and subsequently ruin the game for tank players (hence the CAS problem). The reason being no markers and usually only about 4-5 planes present at any given time. And maybe even respawns.


air rb was good in 2015, for me is a dead mode ever since. The introduction of more jets made this game mode worse

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We also need to urgently reduce the amount of similar threads.

Amount of threads corresponds with the severity of the issue.