Rank VI naval!

Great news! We’re finally getting rank VI naval, which means Gaijin can stop pretending the Scharnhorst (which I love) is the same as the Renown, Alaska, etc.

Once we get some decompression, we should start seeing some more realistic BR’s for the current top tier ships.


Love your optimism but more likely the BR’s will be an entirely new set of wrong ones!!


I’m hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

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I’m really suprised by the introduction of new rank without any new top tier vehicles. Maybe it is a sign that there will more to see on 2nd dev server? Every rank in wt was introduced with some game changing vehicles, so maybe we havent see everything yet.

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Yeah that was weird too. However it’s possible the current ones that moved up are it. And nect update we will see the next wave of BBs.

All this did is we can’t research the Scharnhorst with Eugen. We got no VI rank ships, a mere rearrangement happened. Gaijin took, but didn’t give back anything in return. What the heck are you celebrating and cheering on? This face slap?

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well we havent seen any BR changes yet so it is pretty confusing. but there is also no sign of french coastal, any french ship and there are few non premium ships in general. It is very weird considering the state of french tree and introduction of new premiums. But we will see.

What they did to Japan is even worse, cant use Mikuma or Myoko to research a single BB except Settsu.


It is now a lot cheaper in terms of RP and SL costs to research the trees and purchase ships and crews. That’s a big plus for those that haven’t done so yet.

I also hope they will add more french ship like battleship (for example the Dunkerque) because in this current state the french tech tree cant rivalise with the sharnorst or the Alaska (or the 7.0 in general)


Tier actually counts for very little - so I rate this announcement as not interesting at all.

BR changes are what will matter… hopefully… until we see them it’s just ho hum.

I’m guessing we’ll see the Arkhangelsk next for the Soviets, I’m happy to see the Texas.

Alaska is the worst 7.0 atm right next to Renown but in general the problem of french BBs is that they cant even rival vessels of the equal tier. I would be very suprised if we didnt see dunquerke class this update but hey, italy has been waiting for their top tier since release sooo…

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Archangelsk, Tennessee, Queen Elisabeth, Strasbourg maybe Littorio would make for a nice set of 7.3s imo. Of course some 7.0s need a raise as well like scharn or kronst to begin with.

Dawg, Littorio is significantly better than the other ships mentioned.
Also if those somehow made it into the update (not Littorio though) it would probably be Revenge instead of Queen Elizabeth so they can copy-paste Royal Sovereign into the Russian tree.

Regarding the thread topic. Strange how there’s a new tier but no new top tier vehicles to put into it yet.

I think the Mississippi from the New Mexico class will be the US rank 6

It is surely irl. However in wt Im not so confident about this. First its documented average reload is around 45s, and even tho in 1940s faster, 30s reload was measured during gunnery trials, it might not be sustained one and gaijin will go for the 1st. Secondly the survivability - littorio sacrificed some of its armor for the sake of being fast BB. In wt close range environment this might be deadly. Idk about location of ammoracks also. With all this there is a level of uncertainty - it can be too powerful for 7.3 as you say, but it can also be very dead as a 7.7 matched with other countries pre-ww2 battleships.

New mexico is a candidate for proper US 7.0, tennesse for 7.3

Also I doubt we will see more than 1-2 if any from this list in one update and Im being very hopeful here. It is just too weird this new rank.

Littorio did not actually sacrifice any armor, she had roughly the same thickness as other BBs. However the Italians opted for a weird composite/spaced armor scheme, of which I do not know the actual effectiveness. Her magazines are also under water at standard load, but Gaijin has had problems putting ships at standard load before.
You are right though, sustained fire rate wasn’t quite 30 seconds per salvo. But I still wouldn’t put Littorio below Richelieu, Vanguard, or North Carolina even considering that. Below Iowa, and Yamato certainly. Hell, Iowa is likely the only ship we’ll see even capable of taking on Yamato in a fair fight.

That is definitely not the standard practice when a new tier is introduced. I’ve never seen them just move old vehicles into it with no BR changes and no new vehicles. This would be a good time to differentiate the current 7.0 ships, so we can stop pretending the Scharnhorst is equal to the Alaska for instance.