Rank does not matter

Are there some other hidden conditions to get this award other than killing vehicle that is 1.0 BR higher than yours?
Im doing Steppe spider special task for battlepass. I killed Object 435 which is 8.7 tank with Somua SM which is 7.7, we won that game and I didnt get any progress in the task. It seems that I didnt get the award at all which is strange.

No other conditions that I’m aware of, only caveat is, you can’t get it more than once per game. Same for Skill Matters and God Mode.

Does it mean that I got Gaijined?

Sounds like it, unless you already got it in the same match.

Well, if I got it earlier in the match, I would also got the progress in the task.

There are multiple reasons that could be at play here.
Your Vehicle is higher than Rank III, so it is not that.
But it also only counts if you WIN that match!

Also, if you scored the kill in the last seconds (After the “Mission Accomplished” text appears on screen) you won’t get credit for the kill because it is “After the match”.

We won that game and I killed the Object in the middle of the match so im pretty sure I should have gotten the award and progress in the task

Server Issues atm, you will prolly see your progress as soon as they get things sorted out. And not everything is posted up immediately even when things are running ok. Try to be patient and wait to see if it comes to you once things are back up and running … . this is the way

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Ah yeah, it’s most likely gonna be due to the server issues. That skipped my mind.

But it also only counts if you WIN that match!

That’s always so stupid, personal challenges shouldn’t not depend on team result.

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