Rank change for planes

while I appreciate the RP and SL reduction, lowering some planes rank is not really that good. Most of big cannon +50 mm has his rank reduced, Me 410 U4 (both ) at rank II is … pointless, the Me 262 is the only jet at rank IV.
While I think that only rank is changed and not BR, then the goal is to inhabilitate this vehicles for higher rank grind/tasks/events.
The XP55 will remain rank II as the only 4.3 ( RB ), not cool guys

Me 262 is the second jet to be at rank IV, the first was the P-59A

They lower the rank of low BR vehicles so you cannot use them for events anymore.

Ya, but lets be real. The P-59A is an absolute unicorn.

I have no idea what you mean by that I don’t have it

Unicorn, meaning that’s it’s really rare.

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