Rank 8 Premium Tanks

Hello, so I want to buy my first super top tier premuim tank and not sure which one is the best, I don’t mind about which nation it is. I have 600 hours or more on the game so I have experience.
I would like to buy one of those that have 11.0 or above BR especially packs or if you can list good top tier premuim tanks for each nation
Thank you!

USA: best high-tier is either of the abrams, pick whichever you like the look of. Make sure to get the squadron abrams researched asap for a backup.
Leo-2 Pzbtl is good, and you can run it as a backup for the squadron leo-2Pl
T-80UD, Turms, 2S38, and BMP-2M are all quite powerful. The T-80UK is also good, but lacks a lineup.
Challenger OES. Its the only playable premium they have.
Japan: Type-90 Fuji and Type-16 FPS are both good, choose whichever you prefer.
ZTZ-96A/P is the best option.
Centauro RGO is quite good, but italina ground is not worth playing.
Anything. They dont get top tier premiums, just choose any that look fun.
I would recomend the STRV-121B2 “Christian II” though the CV-90/105 is also very strong.
Any. All high tier premiums for Israel are good.

If you want the best lineup for that can progress you in a tree then you want to go with the Russian 10.0 premium lineup. It consists of the 2S38, T-72 Turms, T-80UD, the BMP-2M (squadron), and the Su-25 for aircraft if you want a CAS plane. US gets the 11.3 M1A1 Clickbait and M1A1 AIM (squadron) with the AH-64 (GR) for CAS, but I don’t think it is nearly as powerful as that Russian 10.0 premium lineup.

Wow thank you!
Which one would you recommend me?
Maybe one that have good survivability and good ammo penetration and mobility?
I know Israel tanks have enjin in front which blocks most projectiles but armor is weaker than other mbts.
I want to buy the M1A1 Click Bait?
America have strong top tier tanks yes?

American top tier is either 3rd or 4th best depending on who you ask. 5 second reload 120mm with some useable armor hull-down and good gun handling is fun, and the mobility can and will save your ass

No, don´t buy Clickbait, the name implies what it literally is. The winrate on that BR for US is about 20-30% and teams are horrible, i did the same mistake and bought M1 KVT instead and the games are more enjoyable there. M1 KVT, A6E TRAM, Wolfpack and then i have tech tree M1 and LAV-AD, makes for nice lineup at 10.3 while still researching top tier.

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I just want 1 premuim tank tho, I’m broke as hell

If you are broke then wait for sales. Will see what Victory day sales next month brings. Buy it discounted and not for full price.

id say you first wait for V day sales and then buy something like the click bait, its an abrams meaning its versatile and will grind hole us tech tree fast as you said you dont care about which nation

forgot to put the khrizantema s, 2s25 and ka50 if you want to uptier a bit for some good cas

In your opinion, are the 10.0 premium vehicles good enough to handle matachmaking at 11.0 if I get the Ka-50? I’ve been thinking about going for it, but I’ve been unsure if the Turms and T-80UD can hold there own at 11.3-11.7

the 2S38 can handle 11.3, i uptier it at 11.3 to use my su39 and i got a nuke one day so yeah

I disagree, the Khalid is another great premium tank for the UK. It’s the ultimate Chieftain, finally getting the mobility the chassis so desperately needs. Firepower is excellent for 9.3, and the armor is ok-ish, but not to be relied upon.

Perhaps the Khalid is the better alternative? It’s not exactly top tier like the author of the topic asked for, but 9.3 is a far more forgiving BR-range than top tier anyway. It’s rank VI, so you could in theory research the whole tech tree with it except for 3 Challenger 2’s and the ADATS.

Otherwise great list.