Rank 8 ground is a joke, all 11.3/11.7 tanks should have stock APFSDS

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Look, we know why Gaijin is very picky with what tanks get to be “rank 8” because those tanks now get stock APFSDS. In order to punish players with the grind and encourage them to pay for APFSDS, only a handful of the old 11.3 and 11.7 tanks are rank 8.

11.3 is not a very different matchmaker from 11.7. The overwhelming majority of all battles will be vs 11.7s due to the popularity of top tier gameplay. It does not make sense to give some 11.3s and 11.7s stock AP and not others, unless the goal is to maximize frustration, notably in the M1A1 AIM where the first unlockable AP shell is a rank 3 mod.

Gaijin, take the L on this one. Stop with the inconsistency. You know that .3 BR difference does not matter and every 11.3 tank will be fighting vehicles with heavy composite armor every match anyway.

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I really don’t know why they didn’t give Rank VII vehicles stock APFSDS, and why everyone who desperately wanted it just sort of settled/gave up after they did it for Rank VIII.

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you know precisely why, they had to manage community backlash when rank 8 was announced with tanks still using stock HEAT

I know that, my question is why the backlash didn’t extend to Rank 7, nor why Gaijin pre-emptively tried to avoid more backlash and just do Rank 7 as well. IIRC the forum post that quickly got >1000 votes agreeing in favour of it only said ‘top-tier’, which does also include Rank 7, 11.3 vehicles.

i agree, HEATFS is bs at a range of brs where composite and ERA just ruin any damage (provided you can even hit at the ranges at those brs without a LRF)