Rank 3 Bombers for naval now?

So considering the SB2C is now rank 2 for… Reasons. (Probably because it was actually good for doing the daily naval pass challenges involving bombers and torpedoes)

What choices do we have now?
Because as far as i can tell the only remaining rank 3 “bombers” are so big its impossible to miss them. And carry torpedoes so bad you need to fly below 200kph to even get them off.
Which again… good luck surviving long enough to do that with the aim bot AA…

Especailly when they’re all BR4.0 and above… Which just gets sucked up to the moffet spam and i believe the story of the laffy would well explain how well that will go for people trying to grind out their tasks in a way that doesnt involve them bombing “20 bases” or killing “52 medium tanks”