Rangefinding in arcade

so as you know in arcade you cant normally rangefind, you have the build in active rangefinder in your gun and you can rangefind in a rangefinder tank if you use something like a commander sight, but other than this you cant rangefind, and its annoyng in niche situations like where you want to lob a shot over a obstacle you see with your binoculars but not the gun, and you cant get the range, i have 2 solutions to this problem
1 let binoculars rangefind, you click the bind and it gives you the range
2 give binoculars the same active rangefinder the gunner has

edit: it also makes your laser rangefinder auto allighn feature usless becuse you cant rangefind and cant get that instant range setted

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Yeah,the constant rangefinder is a nice addition for AB for low-tier tanks. But when you reach the “Laser rangefinders” part of the game it is not a good choice,even because long range shots are harder to accomplish because you can’t auto-level the gun,you need to manually elevate it and you’re stuck with the tank’s fixed set of increments. If your target is precisely at an increment you’re good, otherwise you make a manual adjustment and pray it’s more than enough

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Can you please clarify…?
In arcade the range is permanently displayed…so not clear what the issue is…
I am assuming it is some “mechanics” that is used in RB that is not working…but cant really get what it is.

When i want to target something far or behind something i see the range and adjust for a little more…try and error from then on…
Never use the range finder…dont even have a control for it…am i missing something?

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They should put back Rangefinder in Arcade dunno why they disable it , but is frustrating as hell without it they disable it but the idiotic maps like the Huge Poland is still in Arcade seriously Gaijin for you.

It’s still there.
In Arcade, the rangefinder extends the range of your “marker”. Especially in the higher tiers, the laser rangefinder is extremely important since it allows you to hit vehicles from a longer distance.

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In Realistic it works as intended in Arcade, you need to aim with a crosshair and find the target no button is required, and is wrong before was better is confusing and stupid and if you chance ammo again you need to find the target.

In RB with a LRF it automatically adjusts the range.