Random Chance in WT - Sarcasm Alert

Here are some observations born of frustration and bewilderment. Humor me.

  1. Trophy boxes, snowmen, dragon boxes, et al: snake eye chances on 100-sided dice to get the good stuff, like camo skins, premium vehicles, 1,000,000SL boxes, and so on. Wagers, orders, coupon discounts on Neubaufahrzeuge, boosters and backups (both very useful) and 5,000SL are pretty much routine. And then there’s:
  2. Map repetition, consecutively, e.g.: Abandoned factory x 4, Karelia x 4, Ash River x 4, this map x 3, that map x 3, and so on.
    Randomness works like a charm in WT!
    Sarcasm rant over.
    I do like this game. Really, seriously. I like it a lot better than WoT which I seriously doubt I’ll ever play again. There are many things I like about this game, but some things (CAS, BR matching, and the aforementioned lack of randomness) need some improvement. Serious improvement. I mentioned Ash River repetitiveness in a previous post but lately it’s gone from ridiculous to stupid. Gaijin, you’re better than that. Oh, I forgot, one last sarcastic remark: this is a FTP game so we get what we pay for. Carry on.

Addendum: This is curious. In the past week I’ve received two (2) talismans. Randomness is, well, hit-or-miss in this game.

It feels odd looking at an inventory of items I will never use. I thought I read something about possibly being able to sell wagers in the future at least.


I can’t speak to any potential future sale of items such as wagers - I have a TON of them and I don’t use but a few. Fact is, I’m not a good enough player to make use of these idiot wagers. Yet I have a ton of 'em and I’m not going to dump SL just to get rid of these things!

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I’m afraid to ask whats the most wagers anyone’s ever collected.

I am hovering around 300 universal back ups. Maybe around 40 trophies that require keys.

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I love that moment where the wheel is hovering between 200,000 SL and 10% Bonus, If I could take a wager out just at that point on what I’m going to get …


I find the backups useful as they keep SL repair costs down. But I haven’t been playing long enough to get hundreds of anything yet! Good point about the key boxes, I have quite a few yet I’m not paying $ to buy keys for a low-percentile chance to get something good. And selling them (or anything) on the market? I’m not about to link my credit card or any other personal info to websites that I’m not entirely warm and fuzzy with.

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Yep, like “The Price is Right” when the wheel hovers on the BIG cash prize and then drops into the crap pick.

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I managed to get the 1,000,000 SL four times in about two years

I would never ever touch another chest ,not for GE. You are right about backups.
Keep them for the time when you really know which vehicle works for you and slap a load on it and keep using that. Great way to proceed.

JadgPanzer IV has about 20 on it currently. Thats my ride :)


I think I might screensave that if I ever got the 1,000,000SL box, then print it and post it on my wall. Just for giggles.

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You can wager 0 SL on them , even if you not that good you can get some bonus SL or GE out of it from time to time depending on the wager with no risk of losing SL.

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I currently have 950 wagers, 1517 universal backups, 1103 orders, 110 boosters and 47 trophy chests.

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It truly is one of the most baffling phenomenons in this community. Years of constant complaints about SL/etc, and then on the flip side no bothers to make use of these mountains of SL they’re sitting on in the form of orders and wagers.

It takes the massive effort of, like, two or three button presses, and bam, free SL. Just activate wagers with zero SL wagered, the absolute worst outcome is simply gaining nothing, for the cost of having pressed a couple buttons. On the flip side, it’s much more likely that you’ll end up with some amount of SL that you otherwise wouldn’t have had. Just turn one on and forget about it until it ends.

Just yesterday I finished a “kill ten enemies” wager, got to 9/10 attempts with no progress, then got one. That’s 50,000 SL to me for the cost of pressing two buttons in the menu. Not too long ago I completed a “win ten matches” wager, for 125,000 SL to me at again, effectively no cost or effort.

There’s just as little excuse to not use orders, just slap one on during the opening minutes of a match before anyone’s actually started fighting. At absolute worst, your two button clicks have rewarded another player with some free SL (which I’m sure they’ll be very happy to receive).

I have to wonder how many billions of SL could exist in the game’s economy, but sit locked in these orders and wagers…

My current inventory consists of eight “+40% RP for 10” and nine “+75% SL for 10” boosters (the kind that don’t expire), ten wagers that I’m working my way through, five Blind Hunts and three Avengers saved for when needed in Air RB, one Antimech I just got (will use when not playing Naval), 308 backups, five Japanese Coastal backups (saved for Shounan), and chests from the four most recent updates (can’t trade for warbonds yet).

Try to keep your rooms clean and tidy, people. :P


I just got a 1,000,000 SL in a log in box right now. I was actually surprised I would get another so soon.

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Antimech works on naval too.

Also remember it’s polite to pop an Antimech (or for air modes AAA) if you’re running in squad. Everyone in the game gets triple kill SL while the wager is running, regardless of whether they win the order.

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Why bother?
I mean, after “the community” coerced gaijin to reform the economy, it’s virtually impossible not to earn more SL than you are able to spend.
In my opinion, wagers, orders and SL boosters are completely irrelevant nowadays.

I have over 100 wagers and I haven’t used a single one. The rewards you get from boxes are so pathetic I would probably turn them off if I could. “Oh you just had the fifth defeat in a row and got bombed 4 times in one match? here’s your consolation price, a 5% discount off the Nb. Fz.”

Try Experting all your vehicles, that’ll drain it pretty darn fast…

The randomness in WT is less random than it appears and is portrayed. Ie; the house is always rigged.

Since SL isn’t tradeable between players, its not part of the “game’s economy”. It is and GE and simply progression control mechanisms for the individual. /nit

But yeah, many people don’t take advantage of or maximize the “revenue” they could make in the game. Largely because Gaijin is crap at explaining the excessively complicated and convoluted system they have concocted.