RakPz 2 (HOT) is on a wrong BR at 8.3

It should be at 7.7


  • Slow reload
  • Poor Gun traverse
  • Ineffective machine gun for anti-air
  • Armour

The HOT atgm is quite powerful, though i also think 8.3 is to high for most ATGM carriers

yeah… but there’s 2 things that go against it so 7.7

I’d say 8.0 is more reasonable simply due to the 6.7 heavies

That’ll be too low of a BR for the it’s weapon type. The HOT will be sufficient for the heavies. With the slow reload and limited arc of fire, it should be right for 7.7

I was saying it shouldn’t be 7.7 to protect the aforementioned KTH players