Raketenautomat in AB

raketenautomat has no right being at 7.7 in arcade, it needs to be moved to 8.0 like in realistic, 6.7 tanks have no right to meet this monster, i beg of you do something about it

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Nah, it’s pretty garbage overall in RB to begin with. I could see why it’s lower in AB with the slightly different physics and such. It’s a slow vehicle in every aspect and the faster vehicles it faces are now much faster. The rockets are pretty awful damage wise too. Yes it uses a HEAT warhead, but that is just how the progression works. The 6.7s see plenty of HEAT slingers anyway and the Raketenautomat is just not a good vehicle overall.

Also, any vehicle that gets a full uptier is going to suffer.

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60 kph is not slow, it’s average for light tanks at that BR and more than average for all tanks at that BR.
On terms of turret rotation speed, fully upgraded the turret rotates 24°/s,which is more than what an aced crew can do in RB. Speaking of which,a fully aced crew with the spades tank has a rotational speed of over 35°/s. It’s not the best,compared to what other Light tanks have at the same BR,but trust me when i say that most of the times you just need a spaded Raketen+a maxed out crew without expert or aced.

The main problem of the Raketen is that it can spam you to death with its rockets,and this causes 2 problems:

  1. You can’t see anything, at most you can guess the source of the incessant firing
  2. You can’t react. Best case scenario you are dead in one hit (since there’s nothing from 6.7 to 8.3 that can reliably stop even one rocket), worst case scenario your breech/barrel are taken out instantly,so you just sit there wondering when that rat will finally kill you.

Pen is not a problem for this tank,so an increase in 8.0 might be justified. BUT i’d rather prefer a decompression first before tossing this broken mf at 8.0

I’m honestly surprised that it can actually move in AB. It isn’t really a performer like that in RB. Qyite the underpowered brick, but not nearly like that in AB.

In terms of fire rate, yes it can spam rockets. In terms of damage, it’s not very good. Also the reload for one rocket takes ages. Plus the accuracy of two guns with a single gunsight is pretty bad.

I would think decompression would be best, but it seems I’ll have to try this thing out in AB and see if it is more useful than RB. Thanks for the info.

I don’t know where your getting your info that rat vehicle is overpowered against 6.0 vehicles even in test grounds it doesn’t go against 6.0 vehicles.

AB jacks up the horsepower of all vehicles, with lighter vehicles getting larger multipliers added over heavier ones.

Have you even played it? You don’t really make any sense here.
It’s fast and it does more dammage than pretty much anything else at this br. It’s an awesome rat tank.

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He stated 6.7 vehicles first of all, which is very different from 6.0

Moreover,not seeing certain vehicles in a test drive means it never faces them? If i do a test drive on my M1A1 HC i encounter an IT-1,a T-62,a T-55,a T-10M,a T-64A,a ZSU-23-4 and a T-90A

They are 8.7/8.7/8.3/8.3/9.3/8.0/10.7,so every each one of them but not the T-90A can’t be encountered by me and my M1A1 HC,since it’s 11.3.

The vehicles you see on a test drive are not a perfect and scalar representation of the vehicles you’ll face in game

This… I’ve never seen such a vast difference in a vehicles performance in Arcade than this. In RB it isn’t mobile or particularly good at dealing damage, and I imagined that the AB performance increases would not be nearly as helpful as they are.

See what I said above. The Panther is an absolute terror in AB since it gets medium tank mobility bonuses.

Here’s the Panther D, a medium tank:
And for comparison, the Jumbo, which is classed as a heavy tank:
The M26 Pershing, which is also classed as a medium:
And finally, the Raktenautomat:
It gets almost double the horsepower in AB that it does in RB.

The PT-76B also goes from “joke” to “terror incarnate” in AB:

I’ve posted enough images, so I’ll just state that the BMP-1 gets an absurd 44 hp/ton in AB.

I just stated the 6.0 range because it doesn’t matter because of up tiers and down tiers.